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The town is Madison. I’m not sure that’s in Calhoun County, but I could’ve been wrong. I know it’s north of us. :wink:


I think you are in a different Calhoun Co. than I am referring too. LOL Probably one in every state. :slight_smile:

You all see my Tigers kick some Cardinal ass Saturday? Go Tigers! 5-0 and just beat #3 ! Whoo hoo!!!


This would be the Clemson Tigers? Mike


That is the only team to play Louisville this past Saturday. For those of you that do not know: Clemson is an Agricultural school that evoolved from an A & M style school. Great Science dept. Leading the way in “fertigation” ( Applying hydroponic irrigation to row crops)

I am a fertigation specialist. I have helped with Survey’s from Clemson, Rutgers, Purdue, and NC AT&T. Not bad for a johnny come lately hydro farmer :smiley:


@Jheezy i thought you was a burnt marshmellow ? i like popcorn bag better .:innocent: Hammer


Marshmallow. I see it. Kinda. :joy:


@Jheezy , before my ma passed she saw it and called it the burnt marshmellow , (we camped out a lot) LOL so it stuck …but its nice to know the correct of it :innocent:


Well back online and in my new home building my new grow room sorry for my extended absence life has been hectic have six seeds starting 3 blue berry 3 green crack will be picking a mother from each strain and growing DWC small and fast flip flop monthly harvest. Off work in the next couple of weeks one last contract to finish this season than will be active and proactive member :slight_smile:


I was wondering where you went to! Glad to see you back, and happy to hear everything is going good for you dude!


was house hunting all summer and roofing season so eats up most of my time wanted to be ready to move so moth balled my gear my mother in law actually found some of it lastnight while I was flooring pantry lmao. I am starting from the ground up digging out an area in my crawl space and building a room had a 200 amp service installed in house already wired in 2 dedicated circuits for lights may yet add a 3rd for pumps and exhaust.
Mainly I am too exausted during summer to offer helpful advice long hot days in the sun fry my brain I can sit and stare at screen with no energy to think, also had several frustrating set backs while house hunting this summer so my usual sense of humour and patience was absent. Feels so nice to know I am in my own home can build my room how i want wire vent and plumb without worry of damaging a friends house. Also tend to my plants on my schedule :smile: It’s nice being back at it I don’t feel like that guy offering advice when he doesn’t even have anything growing of his own.


Welcome back and congratulations on your house!


Welcome back. Good to see you made it :slight_smile:


Welcome back to the forum :birthday:


Welcome back…



@peach_fuzz what’s the cost for your Patton bucket self watering system will cost for you to build two of them and mail it , $50 bucks build and shipping ?


Hey @yoshi I’m sure that would work , its 12$ for the buckets , 4$ for the cups and whatever shipping is … The good thing is I have quite a few of them already… Just not sure how to get your info safe and discreet… Let me know and I get them out to u asap…



I think you PM on here but I’m not sure , I definitely would pay $50 bucks for two self watering soil systems no problem , but I need them before Christmas break cause I’ll be going to my home city The Big Easy New Orleans to spend time with my kids and will be gone for about 10 days , so than system will be in my best interest to sub stain my plants while I’m traveling .


If u can pm me go for it… I’m not sure how… I suck at computers…



For security reasons we do not allow exchange of phone numbers or exchanging texts is proof of violating the safety and security policy of ILGM and are subject to mandatory suspension.

This policies are here for the protection of the community and those who violate these policies are putting our entire network at risk I am sorry that I must do this!

This is also the kind of issue that will guarantee you are never asked to be on the staff here at iLGM.


I can see the original post here, and I always get an email when you all post. We have posted many warnings…Ask Ktreez. Sorry K but, you know the rules now…LOL

Now that I see evidence of a publicly posted phone number, you are facing a month’s suspension.

I could have given you a link to a DIY self watering system that you can fabricate for very little investment, and you would not be in trouble. I sent you a message but, I see the writing in the wall. What a bummer