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Wow you were playing well. Sorry to hear of your lungs but THANK YOU for your service.
I didn’t get out much this year but I still love it. The best round I ever played was Father’s Day 2012.
Don’t remember the score but it was the last chance I got to play 18 with my father- he passed in April of 2013
Happy growing and keep the bud side up…


I was happy to serve, my family has been in every American conflict since the Civil War. My great-great grandfather was a doctor in the Civil War. My dad retired after 35 years in the Army.

I know what you mean about playing golf with your Dad! Those are the best times of your life and nothing will take away from that. I got to play 18 with Dad a year before he passed in 2000 and I can still remember it like it was yesterday. Good times my friend. Take care and stay safe ! Jerry


Since I live an hour away in the country; I called Sears :frowning: … You ready for this? I had to leave a message. :scream: LOL


Before I went blind; I pretty much played with my Brother or my Dad, or My Dad and Brother :slight_smile: Dad still gets frustrated once in a while. He has toned it down to maybe a single club flip per round, LOL


Sometimes it’s hard to not sling your club into the water! I think about the cost and rant about my slice as I slide the club back in it’s slot.


I left a couple questions on my grow blog “germination of really old Columbian Seeds” for you. Thanks.


Lol- I haven’t thrown a club in years but I have let a few go in my youth…
I figured out after a couple of quality hits I am pretty ok with my golf ball in the drink or sand or rough…


I used to have a slice. Got rid of it. It is all about the swing loop. Take the club straight back but, then allow it to loop inside of that line and come from inside out on downswing. Also; rotate right hand from over the grip to behind the grip, so your right palm is facing the target.

Believe it or not; I was a Pro Bowler Silver Team USA coach level before I went blind. I figured this out after going to Pro school where Female Bowling Legend Carrol Norman helped me correct my arm swing. And; Then there is the breathing. Breathing is the most important part of promoting consistency. Just like Sharp shooters; It is all about the breathing and heartbeat. You snipers know what I mean :wink:



All you have to do in order to bring that to my attention is 2latewood in your post. However; Since I posted in that topic, I got a notice by email this AM. I am planning on getting to your post shortly. :slight_smile:


They ever get back to you? I got all the way up to a regional VP before I finally gave up on a problem I had with them. :roll_eyes:


I was a caddy for 3 yrs. in high school. That was enough golf for me! Lol. Mike


Knock knock (who’s there) smell mop smell mop Who ? ( I don’t want to smell your Pooh ) my 7 year old told me that yesterday I couldn’t stop laughing that was some funny shit I had to share with everyone he also thought it would be funny to put a human size Scooby Doo collar on his cat that weighs 40 pounds I couldn’t believe it fit his big ass


my cat on the right is about 15 pounds you should be able to tell the size difference I need to start feeding my plant the same thing I feed my cat


Hard to find a good fat cat lol. Had a 15 pounder, best cat. Lost him years ago and keep trying to find an equal to him. Never have found one.


His name is mandoo he’s a cow


My wife has some cousins in Calhoun County on a private 9 hole course. It’d be cool to burn a few out there with you some day. You could give me pointers on my swing and I could be your pointer on the ball. :wink:

I’ll bring my trusty foot wedge…


You would have to for sure. I might be able to hit it but, I won’t be able to find it.

We have a 9 hole course just down the road. Little Country ass course. It’s is on Tobacco Rd.

Calhoun Co. What is the City in that County? I can tell you how far away it is.


Good to see you.


I’d have to ask the wife. Never took him up on the invitation.


Hey Latewood, thank you. You should do it with Florida son, I’ll bet you would have a blast! Mike