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I’m clown too. Happy clown.



That’s too damn funny!!

I hate not seeing the bag, but…LMAO!!

Taste the rainbow…


Cause you liked a comment on this topic or thread , we are supposed to create a topic and all who wants to come can… It may get intense who knows, you feeling bad today jhezzy?


LOL A popcorn bag…Is that what that is? LOL

The post I made was not at you in particular; You were on of many in the conversation. Don’t worry’ If I was calling you out specifically; You would know it for sure. :smiley:


I do not understand why grown adults cannot comply with simple instructions without making a big deal out of it. I created the members lounge for fellowship and to communicate about worldly topics in order ofr all to have an escape. I started this topic, and we all have fun until someone has to step over the line because they feel entitled to do so. Thanks for ruining my day! “exercise common sense”

To the rest of you kind souls. I apologize for my rant. 95% of you have nothing to do with the issue. Thank You all for making The green Room a fun place to share life experiences. As intended!


I am sorry you feel that way. Even in a rant I can replace seemingly vulgar language with an alternative word from my vocabulary. You are right. I run the forum. Robert is not involved and I would not ask him to be involved.

You have a place to rant. We are not going to provide a dark corner for people to post inappropriate topics or language in order to satisfy a few. Do you realize that only about 4-5 total members on the forum create issues? That’s it.

I am not the Boss. I am the person who’s job it is to keep the forum growing and friendly. It is and It is. In fact; Someone recently told me that we were in the top 5 ranked most friendly mentoring site on the web. (still waiting for that link)

Members here can be appropriate and friendly, or we don’t want them here at ILGM That is how Robert feels as well. I am sorry I cannot appease you. ILGM was never meant to be like other cannabis communities, and we are not like others. We plan to stay that way. This way. Our way. This is why the community is growing and growing. Best grow info all around, and most friendly I have ever been involved with.

You all have a nice day now; You hear? lw


Freaking absolutely crazy reminds me of a woman’s tea club…


And some members here act like high school children.


I actually don’t feel that way personally. I know some do and I understand it.

You running the forum was all I meant with my comment. If you’ll notice, I didn’t capitalize boss. That would be offensive to me as well. I’m only accustomed to convicts having a problem with the term. Wasn’t trying to offend you. Again, I can understand.

I don’t understand the appease part. I only made a suggestion. It’s not like I need it. I had to learn how to think through my anger and all the other emotions while I did my own time up the road. Trust me, Brother, I need no appeasement. I’m good!

I’m not wanting to change anything here. I left the internet in '02. I was done with it. My passion for growing the best smoke I could drove me back online.

Then I found this forum. After reading as much of the old posts as I could, I introduced myself and have felt at home since. Something I never expected to feel again from an online source.

Part of the reason I enjoy this place is the people eager to learn and help others learn. Another part, an important part, is how respectfully treating others is required. There is so little respect in our time.

I don’t know. Maybe I got on your bad side with that conversation we had. Maybe you were having a hard day and just took me wrong. Whatever happened, understand this…I’m not trying to cause problems. I’m here to help anyone I can in any way I am able and seeking the same in return.

I will apologize for contributing to your bad day. I didn’t realize that’s what was happening. Just made a suggestion.

Better days ahead!..


maybe hank Williams sr.


I miss the paper bag


Hey Brother,

I love a mature response. Although I was explaining myself in colorful terms (all this admin crap gets boring :). I was not mad at you and you are not on my bad side because, when I address something to you; You own it, or possibly there was a misconception on the context of a post. We always work it out. No worries.

What I was doing however, was; Telling you straight out. We are not going to open a rant room w/disclaimer lol here at ILGM.

I enjoy your posts

What really bothers me is; I want to come here and help newbies learn to grow. Instead, I am reading flags about members posting and/or soliciting emails in the open forum. This is a big violation at every level in a community like this or any online community for that matter. Or; The language thing. We don’t run to run members off but, if it comes to keeping this forum clean and friendly overall, then we can stand to lose a member here and there. This troubles me because, most of the time if the member just responded like you have; Maturely and with a bit of humility we would all move on and there would be no further issue.

Fastest way to trouble and this is probably 80% of the reason someone leaves or is suspended is: They come into a staff/member discussion as a 3rd party and stick their nose in where it does not belong. Staff only challenges or contacts a member when said member breaks forum policy. That’s it. Staff are following the directions they were given by the Administration. They do not need a hard time for doing their job. This includes me. I am Staff. I am also a great grow mentor and love to do it if I could ever get some time to do so.

So. I said my piece Brother. I hope you are right; Better days ahead. :smiley:


LOL You changed your avatar. With my bad eyes at 1st glance it looked like a bunny rabbit face down in a cake. Did you say it was a clown?


@Latewood I was high my bad boss , I sincerely apologize .


Blunt seems rude to most. I prefer blunt(not for smoking!:wink:) because it leaves no guess work for what the person is saying.

I appreciate the mature/humility comments. Lol…both have been a struggle. Especially the humility part. Some hard lessons learned.

I learned that just because I get mad doesn’t mean I have to act on it. Another reason why I enjoy smoking. When I was young(teens) I was a heavy drinker. More juice than bud because it was easier to get. Trouble is, my attitude and alcohol don’t mix well. Maybe the Indian in my blood? Maybe it just made me mean?

I’ve rambled enough. I really just wanted to thank you for those comments.

Just another day in paradise…


look ate all the love it make me want to cry latewood is a great guy has been with Robert for a long time have a great weak end I am going to smoke one :sunglasses:


Well guys,

I had a therapeutic day yesterday. My Brother came a couple weeks ago on vacation, and yesterday he came out to the farm and took me to the mall, and to dinner. :smiley: 1st time I have left this farm since May 21st.

I had a great time. Bought some fancy coffee, and some cloths. Then I came home and got kind of sad due to the fact that I realized the dream was over and I am stuck out here again. At least my Dogs were happy to see me. That helped.

Finally I got my new cloths. Couple pairs of shorts, 2 Henley’s. and a new flannel shirt to check them out, and ofunf the flannel was a medium instead of XL which was on the sticker. Thanks Sears! Now I am an hour away with a kids size flannel.

OH well…Life could be worse. :wink:

I am glad we are all learning from each other. Thanks to those who posted nice comments.


I used to love the Sears Catalog… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I ate at Lamberts once when I was passing through on a trip. Good food but the wife is always bitching about calories and fat. To hell with that, live once, have fun, die Happy ! ! Take care and stay safe. Jerry


I LOVE golf too but my screwed up lungs (courtesy of Desert Storm) will not even allow me to play if I ride a cart. Was stationed in California (San Diego area) and got down to a 10 handicap in the early 1980’s until about 1990. Played golf 5 times a week at least and two rounds on most Saturdays. Sure miss those days !