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To deny your emotions the release they need is to deny yourself from being whole. The only problem with emotional responses comes from allowing them to control our lives. Making rash and irrational decisions.

Easier to cry when nobody can see. It takes a special kind of strength to show that weakness in front of people and still recognize that you’re no less a man.

We’re all weak and fragile when faced with a situation that we have no control over yet still impacts our lives in such a profound way.

It took me over a decade to overcome my aunt’s suicide when I was 9. She was only 5 yrs older than me, so it was more like losing a sister. I’m an only child. Only my mom(single parent) was more important in my life.

As @yoshi pointed out, you never really get over the loss. You just learn to live with it.

Perhaps your loss will prepare you to help someone later down the road. Someone that would likely end it all without your help. We can’t always know the “why?” (One of my major frustrations) but we can overcome the challenge and be stronger for it.

Time can’t heal all wounds, but it takes you closer to the reunion you desire…


So true Florida Son


Hi gang, speaking of venting, I would like to apologize to Blountville for being short with him and others a few nights ago. I also did not no that the fourm was free for you guy’s? I figured you all paid like I did. Now I understand why they would prefer that you purchased seed from Robert, since he is giving the grow knowledge for free. Lastly I would like to apologize to Latewood for getting so disgusted that he took the whole thread down! So there you have it, a total lack of communication. Thanks for reading, Mike


I so anxious to get growing but I have a minor set back but not a big issue , so I’ll get my new fan ordered to help manage to control my temps since I’m running 3 LED light panels this grow , 2 XTE Advance 200 and a 400 watt China Brand light in a 2x2x5 tent , yeah I know right but I plan on growing one major trained scrogged plant this grow , hoping to yield at least 14-16 ounces I hope with almost 800 watts of LED power , but in time hopefully buy Halloween I’ll be ready to get started but I’m been unsure of what nutrient line I want to experiment with being I have several new ones to try , so I’m kind of doing a before grow journal on everything from what I’ve done in the past , but I plan on doing a grow journal which I think will be the most easiest and simple to follow step by step grow journal ever written . Now if a rookie beginner cannot follow this grow journal than they have no need into trying to grow , cause I’m gone break each step down from beginning to end and I might just do an auto first and than a regular feminished , so I’m checking my travel schedule cause I have 2 more short vacation coming up to Omaha Nebraska and back home to New Orleans to visit my kids , mother and family and my 5 th grand child is expected in October in Omaha so if I get thru the ice skating extravaganza in early winter there , and the craziness in The Big Easy than I’ll be ready to get started , but I might just do 3 minute videos in the journal on different aspects to starting a grow from soil preparation , pot size , tent , lights , and fans set up , to humidifier and Co2 , temps , light placements and nutrient mix and hopefully I can get this journal to the top of Latewood and MacG beginners grow list to help out beginners to save a lot of questions that’s been answered thousands of times over , so I’m will be doing some planning like a 10 th grade Science project which should be super fun and excited , hopefully I get it all right being I been out of school a long time .


I look forward to seeing it. If you could, post us a link when you start it.



I definitely will my friend , but I haven’t grown much this year after the few set backs and having two major neck surgeries , and my last Kush plant I had to harvest early at 5 weeks into flower cause of phosphorus defiencies cause I was so weak after surgery it was a bit much trying to manage and I over fed the plant due to a extended hospital stay and it burned real bad but I was impressed with the smoke being that immature , it still brought about 5 ounces and almost $350 bucks cause of faithful clients know my quality but still bought the product cause it still had a strong kick to it being so young and early in flower and I think I used Advance nutrients with Fox Farm Open Seaseme , Beastie Bloomz with Humboltds secret golden tree that I was very impressed with but I bought a few other nutrients , Dutch Masters nutrient line , of course Advance nutrients , and Fox Farm whole Line of nukes as well , but I’m ordering Roberts powder nutrients plus his nutrient boosters trio , But I’ve seen Humboldts supposedly have a full nutrient line now but I have not found where to buy it yet . I really want to try Dutch Masters since I been sitting on it and have not grown a plant with it yet , as well as General Hydroponics line and Techna Flora line as well , and my Hydro shop gave me another sample of a nutrient line call Cyco platinum series to try out as well with that Terpinator , so I’m not sure of which I want to use due to me being completely out of bud now and need to restock the one gallon pickle jars of some really good Gorilla Glue auto are Girl Scout Cookies are this new strain I heard about that’s like 38% THC .



Your Brother and Son would want you to carry on allowing their good character to give you strength as long as you live. :slight_smile:


Thanks latewood ,that’s what I think… Keep the faith, Happy Growing…


@Stonetothebone @mcicchino @yoshi @ Jheezy
You can rant all you want. You can start a topic in the Green Room and tell your story. We do not need PM to do this. IN fact; How are people to know what’s up if, everything is shared in PM? This is why I started the Green Room. This is why NO cultivation information is to be shared in the Green Room! It is for personal sharing and sharing of other life experiences. Just don’t post words that are offensive to Women and Children. It’s all good

@mcicchino @yoshi
If you want to share your setup; Or grow plans; Do it in your own topic entitled; “This is my setup”, or “this is what I use”, etc, etc. Please move your grow posts to your own topic. Please stop posting grow info in this topic. You probably cannot move them but, copy/paste them to your new topic. I will then delete these grow related posts. (in 48 hours) You both have been here long enough to know better.

Allow me to remain the friendly latewood, and not the Admin latewood; OK?


For example; This post is fine. Member says; I am going with a grow tent, and moves on. NO specifics, just sharing a tidbit of info. It does not require anyone to make a list of what is in their grow room; OK?


I’m with you here brother. I am all alone too. I have brothers but, never see them and my youngest brother who I watched out for all his life does not even speak to me. Living an hour out into the country keeps any friends that I have from ever visiting. My life is based around these forums and all the members I can help. All the members who help me, and the sharing of both knowledge and life experience we have come to enjoy here at ILGM. :smiley:


my newly departed wife gave me that book years ago and I never read it. I might try to go dig it up; Wherever it got laid to rest…


Yep being alone isn’t for everyone,sometimes you just don’t have a
choice… It’s hard,up hill battle with no one behind you to push you
forward… Ain’t life grand


Children on the site?!? :fearful:

Just kidding. The possibility of someone being offended is the hesitation in making such a topic. It’s really hard to let loose those emotions while also trying to not offend others. That was why I suggested some kind of disclaimer.

I know, for me anyway, that to truly vent I can’t worry about offending someone. That’s part of the reason it’s so hard to get that stuff out. Hard to find someone willing to listen without getting offended.

I fully understand the reasoning for watching our language here. I actually agree since it usually makes a person think before they speak. That rule just wouldn’t work for venting purposes.

You’re the boss here, Brother. Your decision will stand. But…would it be possible to speak with Robert and see if he would approve such a topic with a disclaimer? You know him, and his wishes for the forum, better than any of us.

I’m not trying to contradict what you said, just pointing out that watching language would be counterproductive to a venting topic.

Reason and ranting don’t go well together…


No worries. I take it all in stride. All I ask is that we all think about what and where we post things. A simple idea. It is nice to read your heart felt comments. :slight_smile:

Yeah MC, Bergman’s Lab is a VIP service, where you are guaranteed expert support in a timely manner and you have all the modules, Master Classes, etc.

The blog and the ILGM forum have always been free and we want to keep it that way. i.e. selling seeds. :smiley:


Why is my name here? Rant about what? The pig Latin joke?


Your name is here because you’re just a little puke bag! That’s why, PUKEBAG!!!

My bad. Just a little humorous outburst. A literary projectile vomit, if you will.

Yeah, you will…



Lol. Please don’t take it personally. It really did seem like a good time for it. I’ve been waiting for that moment since I saw that icon. Thanks dude!!

Sometimes what feels like an attack is just a probe to see where you head’s at…


I thought it was a popcorn bag :cry: I’ve been nice here, not my usual self at all.


Popcorn bag???

Now I just feel plain mean.

Of course, I AM a vicious, murderous clown driving around looking for some treats! :imp::wink::joy:


It’s because of all the good vibes here. Well, ignoring my little outburst. My wife tells me I can go too far sometimes.