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Welcome back. Look forward to the pics.


Welcome back. Glad to hear all was good, instead of food poisoning! Lol

Looking forward to your new grow…



Hope you have a pick of cute Island girls :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This year has been a year of hell for me, I lost my brother in April and my son in November… I’m sure it will take some time to get over it if I ever do, my brother was like a father to me and my son was my whole world… They say God will only put on your back what you can carry, he must know something I don’t cause it’s a living hell every day… I don’t see me making it, but I’ll carry it as long as I can…
I’m a strong willed person but this got the goody out of me, good luck with it friend…


I’m sorry for your double loss. I can’t imagine having to bury my son.

Please remember, God is not the only force affecting us. While He has to allow it, the devil is the one out to destroy us. From day 6!:wink:

Strong will is good. Use that willpower to make yourself give Him what is too much for you to bear. Easy advice to give. I’m sorry it won’t be as easy to take.

Here’s to seeing our lost loves on the other side. May the reunion be joyous!..


Thanks Florida Son for the kind words, I know that we will meet again…


I am so sorry to hear about your loss, I have also struggled with the saying, " god never puts on us more than we can handle". I have reached this threshold twice in my life and it’s no fun. I don’t believe that I would be here today if not by the grace of god! Trust me, even if you haven’t been to your knee’s in awhile, god will listen. He waited for me to get over my anger so that my heart could hear again. If we can help, please don’t hesitate to ask. Mike


Thanks Mike, I’m sorry for your loss as well… I’m glad you found God,but
for me I think it will be a while… I can’t come to terms with him taking
my only child who had so much going for him, his first child I’m being
bitter so I’ll stop with this I pray all the time I prayed that night that
my son would be OK all the way to the hospital and I still pray…


I’m going to try and keep my personal life out of it,but sometimes I have to vent to someone I’m sorry… It gets hard when there’s just you, so if I go on a vent please forgive me… Is this the place to do it at, I’m in the members lounge right hell I can’t keep up with all the places lol that’s my problem I can’t remember stuff like that… And I’m scared I can’t remember how grow cannabis with all this new technology it’s a big gamble I don’t want to do a belly flop… But I’m sure I’m in the right place to find help if I need it… I’m glad I found this forum…


You are among friends!


Thanks I’m looking at all types of stuff I’ve about decided to go with a
grow tent kit I’m looking forward to March,thats when I’ll be ready to give
it a try maybe February… You may have changed my mind on some things, I
could just get the tent and lighting but we will have to wait and see…


Everyone needs to be able to vent. Holding things in does a lot of damage to us. We don’t need you to go the way of a faulty pressure cooker!

Hell, start a “venting” topic where people can go to unload. It’s really not a bad idea since I’m sure you’re not the only one here that could use a place to unleash what is building up inside.

I would suggest a disclaimer at the beginning to ward off any that could be offended. I would get with @latewood to see since some language is unacceptable. A venting rant can often become offensive to people that don’t understand how much good venting can do.

Will be around if you need to unload. Don’t keep things bottled up. I honestly think that is part of the reason there are so many health issues now days.


Thanks Florida son, that’s a good idea but don’t see it happening since the
language could get pretty intense… I appreciate your kind words and
actions, yes it does cause a lot of health issues…


The language was only one of the reasons I mentioned the disclaimer.

I have a topic that leads to many disagreements due to the nature of the topic itself. If people can’t handle disagreements without taking it personal, it’s not the topic for them.

Sometimes while venting, others may be guilty of what you are ranting about. If they can’t see that you’re just releasing frustration, it could lead to conflicts which is the opposite of what this site is for.

We no longer have the private message option. I understand the reasoning, but it would be useful in a situation like you have. We need to be able to get the garbage out.

It was just a thought…


Yeah I’ve been asked to edit an f word. Guess keep it PG dagnabbit.


I totally agree with you,if you can’t handle the heat don’t go to the
topic… All the reasons I try and not to vent, I don’t want to get kicked
off the forum… Thanks for your help Florida Son, that I may find some
understanding in all this misery… I don’t see it though but who knows…


@Stonetothebone I understand the value of lost , September 11 was the 16 th year of my son passing and he died in my arms , it was life changing but just know this my friend , it takes a life to save a life and it’s just part of the life living cycle , I’m not being sarcastic but understanding but God is forever knowing and it’s apart of God’s will , so be in prayer and I suggest you try reading this book called the Alchemist by Pablo Quelo very good read , I’ve read it over 30 times now and I probably won’t ever stop reading it , but it gives clarity to life and it’s purpose , I know things will make sense in time , but you will never forget or get over it , you just learn to live on and figure out how to except it , enduring in patience Sir is long suffering and your journey is still going , God Bless you Champ I have much faith in you that you will find your calling in this I promise .


Thanks Yoshi, I appreciate it friend…


That’s what I’m doing now I think,learning to live with it and expect it
how to deal with it… Man when I went to buy him Easter flowers that was
the first time it caught me off guard, I had a total breakdown the lady
said take all the time you need… I left mad because I let my true
feelings escape in public… Now when I’m by myself I cry my eyes out, but
that’s me I don’t know why I’m being so open about it here… Maybe it’s
because I don’t have to talk the condition I’m in is affected my speech
I’ve haven’t been seeing my behavior doc lately either lol… They put me
on all kinds of med’s I take some a week and stop some I don’t take at


You’re going through it you know what I mean, I’m sorry that happened to
you… I can only imagine how hard that was for you my deepest condolences
on your loss…