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I will post a sing up topic. Once you sign up; I will PM you to get the email you want to use in order to get invited.

Once I see how many members are interested; I will select the site, and what type of league to build. We will use a site that allows me to build a free custom league.

Yahoo, ESPN, or NFL


BOTM Category has been built, and entries open the 1st of September.

I want to thank Robert for allowing me to create some fun social areas and to have this contest.

Although I have been planning to add this for some time; You can thank Hammer for refreshing the idea, and Robert for donating the bounty! :smiley:


Yay!!! This is awesome!!!

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I got a bad save on Skyrim and had to reformat my PS3 to get anything to work. Now it works great. I don’t go nuts on it tho cuz my disability makes my hands go numb so even typing can be painful.

Very glitchy. I froze many times. Guess it was for the best. I spent a week once fixing up my house I built and filling the book shelves

Hehe I did that once. My thing is putting legendary dragonbone arms and armour on my follower and giving them an assortment of staffs.

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Lydia died and serana disappeared and never came back Lol I actually spent a looong time doing nothing but searching for her. My favorite was the invisible khajiit treasure chests.

Count me in, was about to join one tonight on NFL, but I like to wait a little closer to season to try and dodge preseason injury


5 members so far. We need 8 minimum for an All Pro league. 10 for a "everyone has a pretty good team, and if we get 12 members; It will be a serious competition to draft the best players.

reply to this post and add you name to the list! :slight_smile:

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Well this is a very good place, I’ll share a little about myself I had a stroke 4yrs ago taking my good side away, I lost my brother last yr and then I lost my son in a car wreck 7 months later.im about done in. I can’t sleep and I can’t eat. I’ve been quite smoking for 14 yrs I started back for my son’s birthday last yr.we only got to smoke for 2 months before he got killed :frowning: now pot is the only thing that helps in any way. They have me on the depression med’s and mood control stuff that supposed to make me eat. But I can go a whole week without eating. They are cheating me out of the one thing that helps causing me to take a chance at getting caught trying to grow me some med I’m tried of the chance you take in going to the street sellers and getting ripped off. Enough said…


I’ve never done a fantasy thing before, so I have no idea what I’m doing, but go ahead and count me in . . .

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Damn man, I’m really sorry to hear that @Stonetothebone! If you need any help with anything, please let me know and the others and we will do our best to help you out brother! I’m sure your son joins you for ever joint you smoke, he’s with you always.


Not too informed on football. I am applying to be in the Jedi order so I’ll keep y’all informed on that for sure. Mtfbwy

If need be, I’ll run two teams. Lol!

I would do it but I would only choose Broncos so I would get creamed :nerd_face:

I’m on the east coast and it’s an ASS COOKER outside today! Heat indexes pushing 110 today… just needed someone to hear me bitch one time before I light up and enjoy the heat! :joy:


Oh damn you just started home , reading the paper. and knowing the game period …lStatus !

@yoshi Uhhhh…What?

A fantasy football deal will have you studying players , teams , special team players and being home more often during football season , are somewhere at all times watching the game and talking about the game of football everywhere playing the fantasy league Football .

But it’s a wet heat… lol. Cats always say oh west coast hot but it’s dry. Lived in Arizona for a while and dang dry heat still sucks