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Hey man, I have been away as well and no one is talking about it. I can’t believe he left? I was looking to see if there was anything in past forums? They may have been deleted?
If I remember correctly, he had problems with the way things were run. He thought that there should be more hands on type labs and possible demo’s for his money. Now having said this to you is pure speculation on my part, I really don’t no for sure. I did hear something about Monsanto? Anyway, if you hear anything about him let me know. Later, Mike


…not all of my ex’s Live in Texas but I do have one near San Angelo in Llano County !

I would recommend everyone stay well clear of Llano County, you don’t want to bump into her ! :tired_face:


If you want a way to watch almost anything ever released; TV shows or Movies.

Search for FreeTelly. I think it is located at www.tvaddons.ag or something very similar.

Once installed; You can browse or search through 1000’s of Video. Have fun.

I use this app because I am in the Swamp and only have antennae TV access. This allows watch new releases within hours of airing on a network.

I also get to watch the latest movie releases without having to wait for DVD release.

Later.lw :slight_smile:


Cool. I used a movie site for a while forgot name but had movies that just hit theaters that day lol surprised I didn’t get a virus.


FreeTelly is free!!! I used to have a Hulu account but, did not like the service.


Anyone play Clash of Clans?
Anyone watching Olympic beach volleyball?


There was an afternoon sci-fi/monster movie TV series back in the 1960’s…I saw every mole person, giant ant, space movie, pulsating brain. That’s my nostalgia with television.
I started buying a magazine back then…Famous Monsters of Filmland.

When checking what’s on now, I still stop for old grade “B” chiller thriller stuff…another habit I have my wife lives with.

I played World of Warcraft on my computer for a few years…now my grandson has picked up the game and I watch him play my characters.


I loved the Saturday Chiller shows. I bet I saw all the same movies. Gonna look up FreeTelley.

I did Everquest for years then WoW. Stopped at 85. I was way too into that. Now I have Skyrim to quell that urge without having to be anywhere at any time waiting for the rest of the group before I can do my thang.


Hahaha yess, I’m watching the beach volleyball and my god, those asses are gorgeous!


Kerry Walsh… OMG


Nahhh dude you missed it! The Australian volleyball girls, wow. So sexy!


I still play clash of clans some. Not like I used to. Been on it going on 3yrs.


In the lines of free TV… if anyone has Charter internet, there is an App you can use to get free spectrum TV, same as their cable. I used to buy internet and cable from the greedy bastards, and a guy that works for them told me about it in line at grocery store. I have it on my phones, Rokus, and PS4. It’s over a hundred channels.


Today a black man and a racist guy walk into a restaurant and the hostess turn around and said how can help you Mr.President ?


Skyrim! I had to go through a 12 step program to quit that lol. Mine got glitchy on PS3 so I mainly bought ps4 just for eso. Wasn’t as addictive though. I heard skyrim will be released for ps4 though :+1:t2:. My kids are trying to get me on fallout 4 “it’s like skyrim” lol


Anybody ever mess with raspberry pi computer ? I saw nes was releasing a retro plug and play with 30 games and when I saw Tetris won’t be on it I figured I’ll make my own.


Anybody into Fantasy Football? I have several leagues and would love to build one for us.

Also; I play Premier League Fantasy for those of you across the pond, down under, or over there!

Let me know if you are interested.

p.s. I am launching a “Bud of the Month” contest. Free seeds to the winner, each month :slight_smile: :smiley:


I’d love to join the fantasy football league!


I like the fantasy football count me in…Bud of the Month…:grinning: :v:


I can compete for BOTM for sure!!!