Weird sugar leaves

My plants sugar leaves are growing flat on the ends. One sugar leaves has 7 leaves. I did fimm the top of the plant. And can anyone tell if it’s male or female.

I just changed the light cycle to 12/12 I’m running out of celling height for the budding cycle. If somebody can determine the sex at the stage it’s at I would really appreciate it. Thanks Mark L

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It’s a purple beast. Try pics in natural light. Without the blurple led on. Just hard to see in that lighting.
Leaf looks like it was cut as it started to grow. Check underside of leaves for little bugs. And those are fan leaves. Sugar leaves grow on the buds.

Get close ups of where leaf stems meet stalk and we can help to determine sex.


I’m not sure if you have any animals that can access your grow room, but my dog has eaten my plants leaves a couple times before after leaving the room open and some of the ones she ate looked just like that after she was done with them! :sweat_smile:

Leaf probably from fimming. As for sex, looks female from what i can tell, but hard to tell under that light.

I have a leaf tip cut off like that, I chopped it to fan circulation.

@BetrayedSoul has a point, can’t see much with the burple light.

Looks female and leaves look like they were part of the original fim.

Thanks I was hoping that was the cause of the issue. I’ll post more pictures in natural light and maybe you would know the sex of the plant. Stay safe!!

I’m the only animal where the plant is!! No pet’s!! Stay safe!!!

I know they were fan leaves. I’m old so I get s**t mixed up. No bugs under the leaves!! I think it is from fimming? I’ll post some pictures tomorrow in natural light so you can see it better and maybe determine the sex. I just went to flowering 12 /12 today too. I’m praying it’s a female!! Thanks bro Stay safe!!

Bro, u got some pests in there

No pests I keep a eye on it I checked the leaves for bugs. I think it was from fimming the plant!!

New pics

Yeah If you fim that’s what you get. The cut leaves grow out still. So for fim those are Normal. So nothing to worry about.

Ah ok, I know I had something gnawing on my plants…I never seen anything alive in there but I used some pesticide n it has since stopped

Did you look at the new pics I sent? Can you tell if it’s a female?

It’s definitely a female. Congratulations Grampa it’s a Girl. I am totally out of height in my room 8ft celling my light is up as high as I can get it. I’m going to need some help stopping the height and making it more bushy if I can do that now that I’ve started the budding stage? My light is 260w it will definitely burn the plant. It’s actually heating up my growspace to between 65 and 80 degrees and the humidity is perfect between 45 and 65% it easy to adjust now thanks to some of the guys in the forum with knowledgeable advice advice. Thankfully Mark or BamBam

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If worried about height just carefully bend her over and tie her down some.

Can you show me so I don’t harm the plant?

I just hung my light as high as it goes two days ago and it’s already at the 18 to 20 inch point. This plant has grown about 12 inches in the last 2 weeks. I’m amazed at the rate this girl is growing. Every couple of days when I was checking the water I had to adjust the light up at least 2 to 3 inches every time. I’m using self watering planters. They work the balls! So I don’t have to worry about overeating. My ph is the high side of 7 the tap water has a 6ph. I can lower the ph a little with the tap water with no nutrients.

When you switch to 12/12 that causes it to switch to flower and then it does a growth spurt. Usually doubling in height.
You can slowly bend the plant over to get it a bit lower so it doesnt get to close to the light.
It’s hard for me to show you as I start early with LST(low stress training) which is bending the branches down to train it to grow bushier and lower.

Can you post a picture of whole plant. I can then tag a few in who may be able to help.