Weird Spots on new plant

Im using Fox farms soil on a 24/0 light period for veg. Im using General Hydroponics nutes and cal-mag. Temp steady at around 78-80 degrees with RH at around 50-60%. Im watering every 3-4 days or when soil is dry about an inch down. I have good air circulation and an incline fan. I think ive been doing everything right so im not sure whats going on.


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Firstly. Welcome to ILGM my guy. Best place in the world to… grow marijuana :joy::joy:

Now i thought immediately calmag deficiency. But ur supplementing it… so next question. Do u monitor pH? It could be locking out something if its out of range (6.3-6.8 in soil) what medium u using?

Also! The cuppage of the fan leaves (upwards curl) looks like environment. Namely heat/light stress. What kind of light u running and how far?

And just cuz i like questions. What strain u growing?


I do PH balance, im in week 2 of veg so i just changed my nutes up a little bit and PH. First week i was PH at 6.7, this week im at 6.5. Im using Fox farm ocean soil. I don’t have any heat problems, very well controlled for that part. Im using a 300w Full spectrum led light at 29.5 inches currently.

My current nute setup (Per gallon)

All that is right on track. Could u have perhaps wasted a drop or two on her when feeding? The drops can magnify light n leave burn spots

All in all to me they look pretty healthy.
I’ve come to the conclusion that if you want perfect leaves that never discolor plastic plants are to only way to get that…but then again I despise plastic lol.

Go easy on the nutrients early on and usually with a good soil like what your using they generally don’t need any additional nutrients for up to 2 months so unless you see a need due to her look (leaves etc) I would just water her for awhile. The 2 spots on that one leaf could be from splash when you watered.
Which Fox Farms soil are you using? That can make a difference for you moving forward on how to feed etc.

As Purp mentioned above you wanna keep the soil Ph in the range needed.
From what you posted you are / will be feeding them General Hydroponic nutrients. Which ones? That also can make a difference in how you approach things moving forward. If the nutrients are salt based chelated etc (not natural but made in the Lab) there are things you will need to do to monitor for a successful grow to finish.

And as purp asked what is your light source and how far away etc.

And welcome to the forum and good luck.


My first thought was light burn so i moved my light up." Vegetative Stage: 20" -28" height" < thats my recommend height so im already a little above that. I link my light too just incase.

Like said :point_up:t5: Id go easy on the nutes in Ocean Forest for now. That seems like a 700+ ppm mixture and the soil is loaded.

Sounds like a nice light and u have environment in order. Can u turn down light intensity? All i can think of thats curling the leaves a bit

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I know for a fact i got drops on my leaves because i was like DAMN when i watered last cus i have ocd and it was bothering me that the plant had water droplets all over it haha.

Lmmfao. Problem solved! :joy::joy:

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Thanks for the help! Should i be worried about the leaves curling or is that kinda normal? Im on a 24/0 light schedule because like i said im kind of new and i did a ton of research and thats what i decided to go with and im not sure its the best option and theres no option to turn down the light. Can i add PH balanced water to my nute mixture (cus i make it in advance) to dilute it so i dont have to toss half a bucket?

My first grow i did an auto with 24/0. After much consideration (and research) ive concluded ALL LIVING THINGS NEED SLEEP. :joy:. Maybe try 20/4 or 18/6. They do massive growth overnight (especially roots)

And i never use recycled nutes. If its gonna sit over a day or two, the ph drifts out of range and it stagnates. I use fish emuls so i cant risk bad bacteria taking over (i also use Recharge, which is good bacteria and essential to a living soil). So when ive watered, the leftovers go to the veggie garden.

If u have to save it. I HIGHLY recommend getting an air pump, some tubes, and air stones (~$20 from walmart) and a 5 gallon bucket and aerating it very well. But even then i wouldnt use 4 day old nutes.

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Ok, i make a gallon at time and make it store it in a brand new 5 gallon bucket with a lid on at all times. I check the PH almost everytime i rewater so im not worried about that but i do worry about bacteria (i keep everything very clean around the grow area). Ill def trying switch to a 20/4 or 18/6 i was just worried about shocking the plant. Any thoughts on plastic planters too why i have you here? Thats what im using and i have 4 drainage holes at the bottom and i never really get water to drain out the bottom and worries me because of root rot.

They grow doggone decent weed! This was a bucket for ph down :joy::joy: i put 6 holes at the bottom and 10 around the sides. Can never have too much drainage (except maybe summer time) and i also add perlite to any soil im using.

U dont get much runoff…? Could it be your not saturating ur soil enough? I always pour until it starts to leak. Helps that i mix up in a 5 gallon drum of a pot. And feed the hungriest girls last.

Haha @Skydiver im actually beating u to the punch all over tpday

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With Ocean forest next time you may want to add 20% perlite to the mix to allow better drainage.

I personally don’t premix anything and store it. I mix my nutrients as needed. Up to you.
Just be aware that water can change its Ph by just sitting in a bucket with a lid.

Old Freddy fast fingers…lol
You go Purp!

If you ever buy Roots Organic ROD original you won’t need to add any perlite…that’s shits in there lol

Ffof has it in spades as well… i still dump a cup or 3 in there. Love me some well drained pots

Edit: u addressd that above. Apparently Freddy Fast Fingers cant read


Welcome to ILGM.

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NEVER do 24/0!!! You’ll have the tiniest plant you’ve ever seen in “most” cases I know because I tried it when I first started. Tried a 19/5 and liked it but 18/6 has seemed to do the ext same as far as results and I save 520 watts of electricity.

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