Weird spots on my northern lights auto

Hey guys sorry for bothering but woke up today to some odd color brown spots on some of my auto NL plant. She is pushing 6 weeks and shes under 2 1000w blurples. She is in ocean forest and ph is always between 5.8 and 6.5. I just started her on fox farm nutrients yesterday so I’m wondering if that’s the issue? She gets calmag twice weekly and I was using bergmans nutes but I just switched it up. Also I didnt start nutes till week 3 and was light with them. Please let me know your opinions guys and thanks.

Discontinue nutes! You are showing N toxicity and looks like calcium def.

You need to flush with a TDS meter handy to check runoff.

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Stop giving nutes? And I give it calmag every week 5ml of it… as for a flush I have never flushed before… can you be more thorough

N toxicity can cause lockouts.

Would it be safe to say you have droopy, clawing dark green leaves? If so then yeah; a flush.

How to: I do like a product called Flora Kleen by GH and FF makes Sledgehammer: these are mild detergents safe for plants, to dissolve salts in media. Follow that with something like 5 gallons of purified water. Let it dry out.

You should invest in a TDS meter before going too much farther. I’m assuming you have a PH meter as well.

Plant will recover and you shouldn’t even lose leaves, unlike an N deficiency. But continue with the cal mag after doing a flush. You will be adding bloom nutes but it would be nice to know how depleted your soil is after flushing.

Also: Fox Farms recommends flushing at certain points in the grow.

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So I flushed today with 1 gal of 6.2ph and a tiny bit of calmag. I put my ppm and tds meter in the runoff and honestly I have no clue what the numbers mean but one was 1000 and the other was 1800. After the flush I stopped it off with some new ocean forest soil because I was starting to get tunnels and soil was making like water ditches along the edges and middle, I’m gonna order the sledgehammer stuff I read about that earlier and I have another question in regards to what to do with nutes after this… should I just finish with the bergmans or should I stay with the fox farm trip? And I put fresh soil to top it off AFTER the flush. Thanks guys

I capture 1/2 cup after it’s drained for a bit. Measure TDS and PH from that sample. If a product is used like Flora Kleen, don’t take a runoff number then as it’s going to be higher. A proper flush is spelled out on the package. Just follow that.

@Myfriendis410 so I flushed with 1 gal of water yesterday. It had a ton of runoff. I ordered sledgehammer aswell. I have the vivosun ec tds ppm meter and I have no clue how to read it… when I checked the runoff the numbers were 1800 and like 800. None of my other plants have these spots. Only this 1 in flower.

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Let it dry out and resume normal watering with cal mag. Monitor plant for changes but remember damaged leaves will not recover. Look to new growth.

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Question… I have 2 autos and 2 females and 1 of the autos is in flower the other is not. I’m running 18 on 6 off with the lights. Can I switch to 12 and 12 to push my other auto into harvest and my females? Or will it cause problems to the 1 I have in bloom now that’s giving me problems ?


Sometimes you have to stimulate autos. That will work.