Weird marks on leaves

Hi guys,

I had just fed my plants last night. I tried to increase my nutes so I’m feeding 2/3 of the recommended instead or 1/2 and just saw these marks on te bottom leaves.

Is this a beginning of nutrient burn?

Growing ILGM super lemon haze.
2 spider farmers sp2000 at 75 cm from canopy
Coco coir and perlite
Rh 50-60
Temp 23-27
Run Off ph 5.8

Looks kinda like water droplets that the light lensed. Do you spray leaves?


I haven’t sprayed them and pretty sure I didn’t let any water fall on them.

It’s just the bottom set of leaves so not too concerned. They grew a lot overnight (my lights run at night time) as well so I don’t think there’s much of an issue

Looks like leaf variegation that sometimes appears. Nothing to worry about.

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Yup. Just watch for spread over the next couple days


Thanks @MidwestGuy and @PurpNGold74 I’ll keep an eye on them

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@MidwestGuy @PurpNGold74

Next day. The marks started to go yellow. Some tips are burning.


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if those were my plants I might say nitrogen toxicity and some nutrient lock out. What nutes are you using and what kind of runoff numbers are you getting? Lets tag a few people @Hellraiser @Covertgrower @PurpNGold74 and get some expert opinions. ALso some whole plant photos would be good. I would also check for pests really well.

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Im not sure at all what is going on here… thanks some funky looking damage. Almost looks like miners but not…

@Myfriendis410 @Cannabian two more good sets of eyes


I think you’re right although superficially looks almost like miners.

Like Purp said though: keep an eye on it and see if progresses or leaves get worse.

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I had a look at Miners images online and I don’t think it is. But I’ll keep an eye.

I’ll take some more photos and do a ppm check when I finish work.

I’m using GP3 from green planet. I increased the feed (I had second thoughts) and those signs showed up the day after I fed them.

I’ll measure my he run off when I get home.

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Definitely looks like a bit of nitrogen toxicity with the leaf clawing going on as well but check for bugs as well.

This kinda looks like a bug hanging out on this leaf

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I’ll look for bugs.

That is just a bit of coco coir. Probably was stuck on my gloves and fell there

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Coco, yeah I’d buy that, get the ph and ppm of your next runoff and see what the numbers tell us.


Yeah, those look suspiciously like chew tracks…

If these are indoor plants Id be very concerned, outdoors? Maybe a bit less so. Is the damage on the bottom of the plant on older leaves only? Has the damage moved on? Or are you spotting fresh injury daily?


They haven’t moved, only went from light green to yellowish. They showed the day after I fed/watered.

Yes they are indoor plants.

I also have 2 other plants in the same space. they are on a different watering schedule (I watered them a few days ago) and those don’t have any marks on them. I’m leaning towards nitrogen toxicity and nutrient lock out. The tips of the leaves were getting burnt as well.

I’ll keep an eye on them and hopefully if I flush it will solve the problem.

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So just check my TDS

Recommended by Green planet is between 0.8-1 I was reading 2.6

The Ph was 5.8

Just flushed the plants. I’ll keep you posted.


Good catch. Yup keep us updated