Weird leaves on my black widow plants

I messed up the lighting cycle when I first started growing they started flowering so I changed the light cycle to 18-6 and one of the plants has single shiny leaves they look like a oak tree leave. I’ve never seen anything like this before other than that the plant looks great. I will send some pics of them today or tomorrow and tell me what you think. I will send individual pics of 4 plants. @ BobbyDigital thanks BamBam!!

Sounds like a reveg situation.


Agree with @oldmarine reveg


Typical of a reveg


@Myfriendis410 what cause that?

Returning a flowering plant to veg hours.

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I appreciate that info

Depending on the growth your plant could do some real funky stuff. I had about 10 reveg plants this year. Two were on purpose. Those that I severely pruned back did the best.

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Hi Bobby you remember me BamBam!! I cut a few of the leaves off to show you. Will the plants grow back normal or should I scrap them and start over

I should have taken them out of the tent for some better pics. If the pictures are nfg I’ll put them in some better light and resend them to you. Hope all is well down in Texas. God Bless and Merry Christmas!!

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Two LSD and two Black Widow!!

No and no.

She will grow funky. I cut out the top of some of mine and they grew out better than those I didn’t.

Go ahead and start another plant, but don’t scrap her.

Cut out the top of her. Leave a bit of growth at the end of each branch.

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Did the plants normalize again? Was the quality of the plants effected? Mine are very bushey already. I can’t believe I set up the wrong light cycle, but haven’t grown for a couple of years. Nice setback for my first tent grow. I’m bumming about this. I hope I hear some good news :joy::joy:

I don’t understand where to cut? Can you show me a example? This is my second grow. My first plant had all the bud’s stolen from it. Semper- Fi brother!!

That looks good!!

They were some of the best plants from this year. Both in yield and potency. I like them so much this will become a regular part of my grows. I currently have six reveg White Widows. They are part of a perpetual grow I started last Oct.

Just make sure to leave some growth on the branches.

Did you mean cut the flower tops off the plants? Sorry for dumb questions, but I need details. This is only my second grow my first one was stolen. Otherwise I won’t know what to do being a newbie. A newbie with a green thumb. Past down by my grandfather to my Dad and to me. I just want to get it done right so I can save the 4 plants. Thanks BamBam

First, relax. Breathe in, breathe out.

Second, take one or two of those plants and set them aside. Just let them grow. They’ll get unruly and will have a lot of funky growth. Trim out the interior of the plant as it grows. I had some huge buds and was able to see what happened because of my mistake. The plants (grown outdoors) also had most of my insect problems and all of my bud rot problems for this year, so keep an eye on them. They also went into flower earlier than the other plants although that probably won’t be an issue indoors (?).

Third, take one or two plants and SEVERELY trim 'em back. Leave a few offshoots on each branch. These will grow and each branch will produce a cola. This will be my preferred method for production because the yield and potency were better than expected and the plants were easier to care for.

Fourth, on the last plants, remove every other offshoot on every branch. The plants I did this to produced some of the smelliest. The buds were really big and this is where I found the rest of the bugs. Again, be careful.

If it’ll make you feel better, plant a few more beans and give that another go, but don’t give up on these.

Thanks again I’ll give it a try. I just hope I trim them correctly lol. Have a Blessed Christmas. I’ll send you some pictures after I trim them down to see if I did it right :sweat_smile:

I trimmed the shriveled up buds off one plant. Most of the bud were congregated close to the stock. I don’t know if I trimmed it enough. I dried out the trimmings and smoked the shriveled buds and got wasted on them. I started these plants in mid September. 2 are at a standstill with growing taller. They are about a foot tall very bushy. Why do you think the plants are at a standstill in height growth? Im thinking about flowering all of them and starting over. They’ve been in veg state for 12 weeks now. I think they should have recovered by now flowered and had a harvest. If you send a picture of a plant and show me where to trim and how much with circles or arrows pointing to the areas to trim properly I’ll feel better knowing I’m doing this properly. This is only my second grow after a year of growing one plant. So I need a little diagram. Im going to trim the other plant today. I will send you pictures of each plant in better lighting so you can check them out in natural light. Tell me what you think of the plants and you can edit them and point to the correct areas to trim on each plant. I need to make this go quickly so I can keep the electric bill to a minimum and start over if I can’t get any more height out of them. Thanks bro!! It will be so helpful if you could do that for me.

I really didn’t document what I did completely. I’ve posted a few pics this year.

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