Weird leaves, need some advice

4x4 Grow tent
1000 wat LED 24’ above plants
18/6 light cycle
6 gal water in 10 gal totes
General Hydroponics 3 stage nutrients- Aggressive veg formula
9 weeks old

just started happening about 2 weeks ago, new growth being affected aswell… Never saw this before, thoughts?

Solid genetics?

yes should be, they was bought fem gorilla glue seeds.

at the begining, 2 weeks in they caught a lil root rot and i trimmed the roots back due to catching it early. thats when they was placed under LED in tent ph’ed out at 5.7 (which rises to 6.1ish about every night. this started maybe 2-4 weeks (closer on the 4 week side) and now they are around 9 weeks, and still seems to be effecting new growth, aswell as older leaves are becoming prey to it. checked every day for aphids, bugs, critters with a set of jewelers glasses (what you examine diamonds with)

this has me totally stumped, was thinking boron defincy, but i dont know quite how it would be, ive had many grows, done them all the same (other than led, before used mh and hps), no issues in past

and thank you for checking thread to try to help!

Hi @flipion they look healthy but they are very green. Have you given thought to the aggressive veg nutrient regime . Maybe a little too high on the ppms.

yes i thought that may be making the leaves wrinkle up also, so i took 1 1/2 gal out of the 6 and added fresh 1 1/2 gal to delute the tub nutrients some, then re ph’ed it to 5.8 (by morning it was back to 6.1 ph) would the aggresive veg regiment also be the cause of the wrinkled deformed leaves? (its been 2 days since the deluting/ replacement of the 1 1/2 gal of fresh water, just been watching and waiting.

and thank you Mountain Man for your thoughts, always much appriciated

Hi @flipion, I have no real world hands on experience with indoor hydro but the only thing that caught my eye was the aggressive nute mix. It could be responsible for the deeper green of the leaves and be locking out some magnesium and contributing to the twisted leaf growth.

@flipion I grow rdwc how far is light from tops and it didn’t start until you put them under the led when I tried led for a hydro grow it was all jacked up I had light intensity issues then heat issues then not enough light lol. Could be a nitro deficiency they start to do that when nitro is issues when is the last time you
Changed out water

Light is a lil above 24 inchs (manufactures spec is 24 inchs), i thought that may be a issue so raised the light about anoughter 6 inchs on thursday 14th (week ago today), so sitting about 24-26 inchs (light is reccomended for a 5x5 grow area) Also changed out the water thursday 14th (week ago today) . and was thinking maybe the aggressive grow regimine may be affecting it like mountainman1 mention so 2-3 days ago removed and replaced with fresh water 1 1/2 gal out of the 6 to try to delute it some. (my past grows was a 2 week reserve change out, with a only water top off the week in between schedule)

GH nutrient regime is

mild veg> micro> 1tsp/gal


1 tsp/gal

agressive veg > micro> 2tsp/gal



so on the regime on the micro and flora used its double between mild and agressive

think i should remix and totally do change out with mild instead of aggressive? should i raise light more or leave at around 26 inchs (new to LED lighting)

and i dont exactly check the humidity (never was a issue in past grows, but your thoughts on that as well would be asweome

@flipion Have you always grower hydro cose humidity is issues with water evap and what the temp in buckets anything over 70 is reason for concern it can form mold and bad bacs in water have the ph between 5.5 and 6.5 sweet spot is 5.7 to 6.2

yes ive always grew hydro, this is 4th season/ year. 4 plants per season, before was white widow pineapple chunk and alcopolca gold, first time trying gorilla glue. other seasons was in small room with a/c running, and all went flawless for 3 years without humidty check or water temp check (room stayed so cool water couldnt raise in temp, first year useing led and tent. tho i do have the tent ducted in with cooler air, and heat out the top. tent stays between 65-72 inside, (humidity this time may be issue with it being a 4x4x7 closed in area. thats what made me think to ask about humidity, may be dryer air in the tent due to ducting on cooler air (in the a/c heating trade heat is made from adding moisture to the air, coolness is made from taking it out (25 years in that trade) . i guess my next stop is to get a humidity guage and refresh the water with the lower grow regime per nutrients. water temp at the moment is… 72 degrees, room temp of 68. no mold or mildew issues, tubs was painted black then white on outside with reflective foil covering the lids (to help prevent light entering thru the net pots)

@flipion ya try to get water down to 65-68 is best. Humidity is 70% for veg and first two weeks of flower lol you probly know this but I’ll put it in anyways week 3 flower 60% threw week 5 then 50% till harvest

Sorry, I am new to this site and tried posting my own topic and it won’t let me, so I need to leech onto another one.

To preface, I am a first time grower but have been researching my ass off every day.

So I guess I will break my post into three issues.

  1. One of my mystery plants (suspected chemdawg, from bag weed) has big yellow/gray/brownish spots that look white in the light on one of it’s leaves. Another one of my plants, an auto flowering tangerine dream, has a slightly smaller (but still larger than what would be caused by fungus gnats, spider mites, etc.), similarly colored spot on one of the leaves. The spots are pretty much perfect circles. I will attach photos. I believe it is Leaf Septoria and that I should remove the leaves. Would you guys agree that that is the issue and the best course of action? I don’t know if it is bad enough to purchase Neem oil or anything like that. Advice would be much appreciated. My only reluctancy removing the leaf from the mystery plant is that the stem of the leaf connects to what is going to be one of the two new main stems, as I topped the plant a few days ago. I am scared removing the leaf may impair the new main stem in some way. Sorry the photo quality is terrible. And sorry that this is going to be a long post.

This last pic is just to show the connection to the new main stem.

  1. One of my plants, a feminized white widow, has two leaves that I am having difficulty diagnosing. One looks more like nutrient burn to me, while the other looks like more of a potassium deficiency. And I suppose either could be from ph fluctuations, as I have a novice eye for these things. I was wondering if you guys knew what was going on here, and what you’d suggest I do in terms of treatment.

  1. Finally, one of the plants that I am growing (the other mystery bag weed seed) does not appear to be doing well. And it seems to be some sort of defective plant. I am not sure if this is cannabis ruderalis or if there is something else up with this plant. The leaves all have three segments, and the two side segments seem to be slightly lower or detached from the middle segment. I read that it might just be hemp and produce no buds. I read other stuff saying that it is a defect and that people have gotten some really potent bud from it. I guess if anyone knows what this plant is please let me know, and if you have any suggestions to help liven it up please let me know as well. Sorry again for the poor quality of the pictures. If necessary, I can try to borrow a smart phone from someone to get better pictures.

Thank you!

I dont grow in a dirt medium so im not too familier with diagnosing ph fluxs or symptoms in a dirt grow, But these guys on here are pretty sharp and im sure someone with more knowledge will come along and give you better advice than i could even attempt to before long.

Most canabis plants can take a beating and keep on ticking tho so i wouldnt get too anxious about it until one of these guys does

Best of luck to you man!!