Weird leaf curling and couple black spots

3rd season growing only outdoors, and this is my first time with autos and I’m having some issues with one of my ILGM Blue Cheese girls.

A couple older leaves are doing this weird spiral/curl thing, and it’s looking like new growth is coming in weird now too. Plus a couple lil black spots on stem and top of new growth.

Just over 4 weeks old, started indoors and hardened off and fully outside for about 5 days now. Her 7 other sisters (Blue cheese and GG) are all thriving and normal.

Homemade modified Coots soil from build-a-soil recipe, fully organic, borderline veganic only animal products are crustacean meal and oyster shell flour.

I was thinking it might be Nitrogen overload but doesn’t seem likely with what should be a pretty balanced recipe and no other issues with the 7 others in same soil.

The black spots might be something of concern?

Don’t know PH levels, every meter I’ve bought kind of sucks.

Any advice from all y’all legends?

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That leaf curl is just a genetic thing. It happens all the time, mostly on the first few nodes.
The black spots have legs in one of the pics.
Some other spots are probably bug droppings.
Plants look happy.


Plants look happy I would not lose no sleep. Keep up the good work :+1:

Thanks yall!

I’m extra paranoid about issues this year after having a last minute caterpillar invasion on all 4 of my 6 footers 2-3 weeks before harvest. Salvaged about 50% of the harvest so still happy it wasn’t a complete wash of a season.

Hopefully I’ll have nothing but positive updates on these 3


This is the stuff you want.


The pests will a pain in the girls where abouts. Jack’s dead bug is the best.


I agree with @Spiney_norman that leaf twist/curl showed up on one of my plants last year. After hours I found an obscure site that said possible zinc deficiency. I have another strain doing it now so I vote with team genetics.