Weird growth white widow auto


Yup. I got the same on two plants. The pictured plant was the third, and “grew” out of that curl pattern for half the plant, currently. She looks beautiful, outside ring pattern and the curls remain inside sheltered or un-favor


The other two are working it our or not, Right plant has curlism.

Let it grow and start a back-up plan.


Same here

Hey thanks n thats a awesome looking plant n i do have others going but looking forward to watching it grow

Thats one of my other ones but its a grand daddy auto

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ILGM SSHF seed arrived and dropped 4-1 outdoor, 5-15 TOO EARLY for PNW

White Widow (purchased clone 3-24) outdoor 5-1 TOO EARLY for PNW

Since these pictures were taken (9-17) I have tied with poles and pipe cleaner fuzzys, plants preparing for high winds


Thats plants are huge im still pretty new at this i planted these 8/28 n there already starting to flower

Heres sum from today with the white widow


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