Weird Growth: Reveg, Foxtail, or dreaded Hermie?

Seed mix up, either Blueberry auto or GG auto (whoops, pretty sure it’s blueberry though). I have 2 other plants in my greenhouse ( all outdoor, 5 gal pots, living soil, FFOF and FFHF, hands off, VERY low budget and maintenance) that look normal in their growth. Heat stress and light pollution could have easily contributed. I grow medically and neglected them for awhile due to health reasons.

One side looks foxtailing, other bud looks normal.

Main Cola

Scope at 30x, weird twirling.

Same plant, same node, different growth, Reveg?

Is this a mixture of foxtail and reveg?
What should I do from here? Let it grow, harvest as buds mature where they are at, or destroy if herm? Cut new growth?
I can’t tell if those are nanners or not!


You definitely have foxtailing. It’s usually caused from light leaks. Might as well let it finish but it’s gonna be fluffy


Fox-tailing is also caused a lot by lights being too close, too strong. It does appear the one plant is re-vegging. Have you been feeding her nitrogen? I can’t imagine that an auto would do that but I am not versed with autos.


It’s the same plant that’s foxtailing and revegging! I received lights as a gift and I had them close on max brightness (whoops), that’s probably where it went wrong.

I have not been adding nitrogen or nutes. My medium is Fox Farm Ocean Forest and Happy Frog soil mixed with Nature’s Living Soil, watering only in a 5 gallon fabric pot. I couldn’t find that much information about autos revegging. I decided to let her do her thing and see how it goes.

Thanks for your quick replies!

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