Weird fungus on marijuana


A question from a fellow grower:

I was looking into your grow bible for a picture of what is affecting many peoples crops all accross michigan, long time grower here never saw this before. Take a look and tell me what it is, I know its a fungis. But idk what kind or how to get rid of it. Could be from anything at this point. Many different strains from seperate breeders all showing the same problem and bleach doesn’t seem to kill an infected area even when soaked in bleach and dried at 110deg+ F until totally dry. Douched duct work furnace removed all carpet and washed all bedding. Even in a clean room situation I have seem problems.


Have you tried Baking soda? Piks too blurry for me. Baking soda is extreme high ph. Will kill almost any mold/mildew/fungus…

Application 1 tsp per qt spray bottle. TBS per Gallon. Sorry I cannot be of more help.


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