Weird drooping pattern... Autoflower

Heyo. My girl has an odd dropping issue/non-issue. The signs showed overwatering a bit, though over/under watering have similar symptoms, but I figured she couldn’t be under watered because I had just watered the day before. So, I left her alone overnight. No watering at all, to see if it got worse or better. I havent watered since, but check this out. She drops in the evening and is up and happy during the day. I just lifted the pot she is in and it’s super light. I’ll be watering in the morning.
Auto Six Shooter
5gal fabric pot
Organic dry amendments
pH 6.5-6.6 (this is correct with my type of nutes, I’m 100% positive with this)
Week 4
Temp/RH 22-26C and 50-60 at all times
Excellent airflow.

Check out the pic. I guess it’s the phenotype that causes this? Would love to hear your thoughts. :slight_smile:


Not sure when you’re taking the pictures. Maybe you already know, but plants will naturally droop in the morning when they wake up, and in the evening before bed time. Looking great. You can’t over water if you have your coco and perlite mixed right.

I do time lapse videos of mine and it’s amazing to watch them grow during the day.


Yeah for sure. This one plant in particular just seems to droop a lot in the evenings. Enough so that I thought there was an issue. The pic has a little time stamp. :slight_smile:

Check out the time lapse on post # 545. You see just before lights out when they hit their DLI and go to “sleep”

@BobbyDigital , how do I find post 545? Still learning how to navigate this forum well.

Down here.

When you click on that link in my last post, it should put you right there.

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@BobbyDigital dope. That is a great example of them drooping before bed. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: