Weird bud growth

Buds have these wierd spikes instead of normal shaped buds. I’ve had this before and I’m pretty sure it’s not good. Any idea what may be the cause?


Looks like foxtailing to me!

OK. What does that mean and what is the cause?

Foxtailing is a last ditch effort for the plant to reproduce. I think it’s a genetic thing, others say too much light. I’ve dimmed my fixture, and they still seem to happen.
It’s not wrong, just different. Keep an eye on the trichomes for when to harvest. They’re probably milky, but not white yet.
They look good though!


I’m pushing the lights to just about as close as I can get away with so you may have a point. These plants are 38 days in 12 hr lights. Trichomes are starting to turn on this particular plant already which is also a little alarming. It’s like it’s done growing and to my experience when this happens they don’t grow much more. I also have indications of Potassium deficiency. I think I started the extra PK too late. I didn’t know if this would be related to a Potassium deficiency.

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I don’t think it does.

I think it has more to do with the amount of light. When you have a lot of light the plants feed heavier.

I misspoke. I meant that the pistils were getting darker not trichomes.

Ok. That all makes sense. I just looked at them again and the lower buds are not foxtailing nearly as much and some of them not at all. Also I just raised my lights. Thanks for your input. This is the damage (photo) that I think is Potassium deficiency which I think would be consistent with too much light and too much heat.

Foxtailing no doubt not bad but keep a close eye on’em they r close to being baked, looks like to perfection, kudos :+1::+1::alien:


Yellow spotting taco leaves could b several things ur far enough along don’t know if u gots time to do anything about it. :v::alien:

I agree that they are too far along to correct anything. It is what it is when your at 38 days. I want to do the best I can and I also want to pin it down so I can learn from it. If I don’t learn from it I’m bound to do it again as I already have had the same problems in the past. Any knowledge you may share is greatly appreciated.

Read Mr Bergman’s journals, to start. Download as u read, they contain endless info. Don’t b afraid of experimenting they r very hardy plants. Most important don’t make the same mistake twice. Also take some time to get on the puff puff train it always helps me​:v::v::alien:

Were these leaves from near the bottom?

The damaged leaves are at all levels.

This far into flowering I wouldn’t worry too much. She’s just finishing, and it’s normal to lose the fan leaves.

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Looks great to me :beer:

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Where would I find these journals?

At 38 days? Also this started at about 28 days or before.

the downside of foxtailing is that with these “new shoots” popping out of the buds, you now have new growth (with new clearer Trichomes) on the buds that may have been getting close to ready.
i had some really severe foxtailing that was probably do to me cranking the lights to 11 and them being WAY too close due to run away stretching earlier on. i tried to compensate by harvesting the tops and just letting the rest go longer. she was waaaaaaay old in flower by the time i took the 3rd cut.

so, lessson learned on that grow was foxtailing can happen due to light intensity and as @Covertgrower mentioned plant maturity. old and really want to try to reproduce.

yours seems to be more light than [old] age.