Weighing harvest

At what point do you weigh your harvest? I usually weigh after I dry for a week or so and cut all the stems off. So the weight is just from smokeable product. Just curious.


Exactly right. Only measure smokable product. Perfect


Oooh I hate stems.

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This depends I rough weigh when dry but otherwise only when someone wants to buy it we have a simple rule in Canada packaged and weighed weed is a distribution/trafficing charge unweighed is possession for that reason I store and cure in large containers only separating by age and strain. I also over weigh Oz so if pulled over it isn’t a set weight known for distribution what’s a few extra grams instead of a nasty ass charge :wink:


During the curing process the buds will lose even more weight so if I were buying an ounce of weed, would I be getting 1 ounce in my hand or less because it was weighed a week after harvesting?

I never under weigh an oz for anyone they are paying good money they deserve good product and atleast what they are paying for in weight extra just adds to clients like a toy in a cereal box :wink: As well happy customers come back so whats the odd oil vial gram or sample if not good business sense?


If you are buying a week after harvest it isn’t even cured yet and can still lose 5-10% while curing depending on moisture preference 52-60% etc. you can usually tell by how it burns tastes and rolls as well how it cuts and grinds. Many shady pricks been known to mist their crap with pop to add weight and make it seem like sticky good weed.


lmao… that was a trick we learned back in the hood in the 80’s… by some cheap weed and before you roll it up mist it with pepsi…then when you dry hit the joint it tasted like some really skunky sweet stuff… that way you could sell to the rich kids for a lot more money…and they always came back for more, lmao…could sell those joints 2 for 10 instead of 3 for 5…downside though…sprayed weed will give you a nasty headache…so you couldn’t smoke any of it if you sprayed it
damn we were crooked ass kids


Man if only ever one thought like that I agree 100%on that right there

What is the normal price for an oz in Canada of good budand what is the penalty for sales of an Oz.

@Donaldj I was curious because the very few times I did buy it always seemed like a lot less than an ounce was in that little bag.

Just thinking about other forums I’ve seen and cats say my plant harvested out a pound etc lol. Havent thought about buying in a while… I remember those stems in bags to weigh more. Bs eighth and ninth grade crap lol remember a dude cutting up stems to add to bag and sell to a dude he didn’t like. Great business plan there skimp people you don’t like :roll_eyes: Want to weigh but am waiting I feel I could have got more but I defoliated the crap out of the plant as an experiment While fan leaves soak in the rays the “sun” in my cabinet was also a lot closer Ya dig? Anyway buds look good and kinda plentiful lol. Need a bigger space Taking a long grow break so maybe I’ll figure out a better spot next year. Around April temp wise

Thumbs up brother…

lol an oz is anywhere from 100 to 200 depending on supply and possession may get you a fine or probation trafficing can get you years depending on province you live in and how much you have on you and as I said easier to prove distribution if bagged and weighed at set quantities

Yah my states lowest cultivation level is ten pounds and under

If a grower grows 600g of dried product per plant, how much will be in buds weight, and how much in leaves? (Approxymately)

That is a question that needs to be answered by the grower… in other words …would you be willing to pay 300 or $400 an ounce for the medicine that you were supplying… if you can answer that question , or you think there’s no way you would pay that money for that medicine… then you have your answer… :wink:
Then I wouldn’t pay that much either. … :wink:
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