Weekly Flower Pictures, Comments advice welcome


OK Since I only have the 1 plant growing and not much
to do while she flowers I thought I would take pictures
of the Flowers as they develop on a weekly schedule.

If anyone has any suggestions on this set-up or progress please
feel free to advise me. (Environment specifics at end of message)

These were taken on Day 12 and not sure which flower
I photographed. So In the Future I will photo the same flower.

The following pictures are Day 14 (end of week 2).
This flower will be the same one photographed from this point on.

Plant Strain: = UNKNOWN

Soil in pot: = FoxFarm Ocean Forest/ Miracle Grow/
Perlite in Felt 7 Gal pot

System type? Not sure what this refers to but I Hand water and have the
lights / Inlet Fan / Outlet Fan on timer control. Outlet Air is pulled in through
Carbon Filter and then sent through Light and out Window.

PH ? I PH all Water and Nutrient Mix’s at 6.8 or as close as I can get to that
number. Have not done any testing on soil PH except at start which was best
guess (color type tester system) between 6 and 7

Water Used: Distilled, Water 1 cup of water or Nutrients when Lights come
on and another cup 2 to 3 hrs before lights out daily. Using 7 gal pot.

Strength of nutrient mix = I Keep PPM 1000 or less and have only used
the 3 part Gen Hydro once at mid veg using the Aggressive Veg 3-2-1 mix
in ¼ gal (4 cups) given 1 cup once a week for 4 weeks. Just started the
transition to flower 2-2-2 3part and Kool Bloom,only mixed ¼ gal. so this
will last 4 weeks, also Just applied some NPK Stack. Not sure how much
more Nutrients I want to add as everything is looking good.

Forgot to say I also used Foliar spray, Fish & Poop 9-6-2 Fish & Guano
Fertilizer when needed. Also have started Foliar Spray with CAL-MAG PLUS

Used NeemOIL Foliar spray for pest control but changed to LIVE Lady Bugs.
Built a home for them in the grow area to help keep up the live population.
its been a few weeks and still have many live lady bugs in there home and on
my plants.

Started Outdoor (half way through Veg moved Indoors)

Light system, size? Started on 300w LED Through Mid to Late Veg. then
600W HPS Hortilux Eye Enhanced Spectrum. In HydroFarm 6” Vented
Air Cooled Enclosed Reflector Hood

Temps: = Been having a heat wave so Day temps are up to 85 Deg
Night as low as 77 Deg.

Humidity: = Day 55 Night 42

Ventilation system: = 2 Small Hurricane 2 speed fans (on high) at top.
1 Small Apollo Hurricane at bottom pointed up and angled at lower part of plant.
1 Water/Ice cooled Fan to help keep the temps down during this heat spell.
1 Inlet HydroFarm 4” active air ACDF4 165 CFM.
1 Outlet HydroFarm 6” active air ACDF6 400 CFM with speed controller set at ½ .

Inlet / Outlet fans on during day, Night inlet on every 15min then off for 15min
opposite for exhaust fans (Inlet on 15 min then stop and exhaust comes on,
back and forth during the night).

Also have a small space heater set to come on at night if temp gets below 77 deg.

Humidifier: = My Water/Ice Fan is basically a Humidifier but Humidity
seems to be fine. Also has an Ionizer option but don’t need it so far.

Co2; = Yes but only a bag of Easy co2

Grow Area = Mylar Lined Closet (half width of closet) 3ft x 3ft x 6.5ft high


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