Week5 flower-day32

So im in week 5 flower, day 32 today. I did a defoliation at day 21 and was advised to do again at day 32 and 42. Can someone give some insight on these additional timelines and what to do in each, so far the videos ive found haven’t been much help, some before and after pics only. Lost my last grow to bud rot. Heres a few pics of my ladies.


Everyone has their own ways… like thousand of ways LOL. I just do what seems right. Prune from the bottom up. I literally lay on the ground and look up and wherever I see too much foliage and I know some are not being team player, they are out of there… no set time line, just don’t do too much at once. That’s my way… everyone else chime in :slight_smile:


Prune from the bottom up. I hear you however I found some info on pruning from the top down! Lol! Which is best?