Week2 flowering already seeing red hairs


Need some insight from some experienced minds here. To start off with I acquired 3 sprouts that were (carelessly) planted in the same red coffee cup. Seeing as how they were planted together and already had roots I decided not to try to separate them less I damage the roots and they die… They grew very well I eventually transplanted them into a 20 gal tub and all was well. Minor ph problems but nothing serious. They were all different heights and grew at moderately different speeds and when the shortest one reached over 12" I put them on the 12/12 schedule. 2 of them turned up to be males so I cut them down. Now I’m left with one it’s been showing both female and male flowers for 2 weeks roughly now. I have carefully removed the male flowers as I find them but I’m already starting to see a few of the little white hairs start to change red and orange. Not very many so far. But I’m wondering if this is normal for a hermaphrodite plant or is this a sign of something more disappointing or is there something I can do to fix this if it is in fact a problem this is my very first attempt at a grow I’ve done much research but no answers. Anybody got anything? All info and replies are appreciated

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My Females do the same thing. Your ok watch trichromes for milky, clear or amber. Usually Milky is ready for harvest. The hairs I’ve seen them to from white to red really fast. You should be ok especially this early into flowering.


Trichromes I meant! I’m sorry for the error!


That’s extremely reassuring I appreciate the reply happy planting to ya


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Yeah I’ve read a lot of info saying that the trichomes are the best way to determine when to harvest but I guess I thought the hairs went hand in hand for some reason… Rookie mistake I guess lol… I must say that this first attempt has taught me a lot and I’ve had a lot of enjoyment just watching them grow. Even if my final product is less than average I think I’ll be satisfied knowing I can enjoy my own herb without worrying about quality or other hazards that come with buying a sack on the street…


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Ive been where you are …and in my opinion your fighting a loosing game … if your seeing morphing this early it will contuinue to get worse …if you try to keep pruning the flowers itll stress your plant more … thus causing more flowers … I got a lot of seeds by doing that haha…The reason you get morph’s is stressing the plant . OR WEAK GENETICS …sorry …their is no fix … @MSgreenneck you mite try looking into Roberts seeds or AMS …so far the beans i purchased ,that I’ve used thus far have been very solid … little to no variation in strain .but i purchased FEMS only as i do indoor hydro .and can make them give me seed for later… both of those seed company’s i mentioned do offer a lot of specials 2for 1 or half off on a holiday sale ECT ECT … as to the “hairs” turning Early could be that triming stress …ph .check run off ,your nutes .soil ,high temps low humidity …ECT ECT .IF You really want to know for sure …fill out a support ticket …and and this forum will help you . :smiling_imp: Hammer


@Hammer I think u have a solid point there I have read that stress is mostly the reason they morph. So I’m gonna run with your advice and not try to pick them off anymore I don’t mind a few seeds in there but I probably shouldn’t use those seeds right? Bc they carry the same bad genetics as the parent plant? And thanks for the advice on seeds I DEFINITELY intend on getting better quality seeds next go around and I intend on shopping for the best deals as well! Good news though I just check it over and it’s been two days since I’ve seen any more male flowers so maybe there won’t be as many in the end. And I’m guessing your telling me that the red hairs are a sign of some stress… I’m gonna guess it’s humidity bc i have it indoors and the temp stays regular but I live in south MS so there’s no running from humidity it’s like 80% at all times… Any tips on remedying that? Besides a dehumidifier? Money is an issue… Thanks for everything so far guys! I’m gonna upload some pics later tell me what y’all think!


the seeds will be fem’s …but they will carry the gene for morphing … some of the seed may prove to have usefull material to work with … but youd have to grow 100 of them then kill all eary morphers . then look for a genetic stable trait in whats left …it gets very involved … and over the many years ive grown i have done this …have made a few that i still have today… SEED’s. yet the time i spent doing it …4 years on one of my strains .to stabilze it… at the time i was doing this their was a high risk of getting caught buying seed, so like most i would save bag seed …make notes on the bud ,taste ,density.color.then grow them…in 25 years of steady growing i have 32 diff type’s AND of those 9 of them are roberts and AMS… …and if the world of mj seed orders were as safe then as NOW. I would have more varieties. YET. the reason i tell you this is simple … Let the breeders do your heavy lifting … and this will give you better return …for your labor, and $$$ investment … ps in one case in particular while trying to stabilize a strain i was working on ,no matter what i tried it only got worst … poor quality buds slow groth ECT ECT … SSOOOO id sudjest carful selection of your strains youll buy, and i also sudjest 2 things for you if in side go FEMS if out side and your new to growing ,buy a few AUTOS as back up … that way you can get small fast to tie you over till your big girls finish …just my thoughts …



Hmm that didn’t work gonna try that one more time


one more thought ,GET RID of that moister meter …their not very accurate. and lead to over watering ,…just feel the weight of the planter to let you know if they need water…bought many in years past .And have thrown them all out …if your gonna stick with it any way , then keep the metal tips polished itll help …Hammer


I haven’t looked at that thing in weeks haha. I’ve kept my plant on a strict water regimen. I water on Mondays and Fridays give it a little less on Fridays nutes every other Friday and I just increase the general amount as it grows I have to keep a check on my ph though. I work for a water well drilling company and I use the raw ground water and the ph varies from well to well. It seems to like it other than the ph getting a little low at times


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