Week two of flowering.. gold leaf.. has gone hermie

two yrs ago purchased fruit mix and gold leaf… last year… great harvest… this year all was well till gold leaf after two weeks of girl flowers happily startin to fill out, then,… about half the plant has gone hermie… wtf?.. all good, check daily… noticed some balls on it… keep tryin to pluck em before they blow… but this will be a pollinated plant… I have a blueberry and pineapple in a greenhouse not far away don’t want the girls to get some, they are happy startin to fill out and prevailing wind goes away from greenhouse… should i let gold leaf produce seeds, if so, will they be hermies too or just regular seeds??.buds are smallish but tight… she/he is happy 6 foot tall after kinda strapped down… and about same circumference …

I would probably separate it from others by whatever means necessary, has anything changed as far as outdoor lighting at night that could have caused hermaphroditism?

where they fem. seeds when you started? some seed packs aren’t.

That’s a tough call, I don’t think seeded marijuana is the end of the world, but if it could contaminate a few other plants, too … The seeds have a chance to be hermaphrodite, too, so they’re not worth using if you have other seeds available.

If it’s a 6 footer, it’s very tempting to try getting it to harvest.

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Pictures would give us a better idea of what your dealing with… :wink:

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