Week two Flowering

New grower. Hi I am growing Durban Poisons, from seed, not auto. I flipped on March 12th, so this is the second week of Flowering. I am wondering if I will run out of space (how tall do they grow), its not a tent, just growing under lights and made it darkened the grow area using 6mil Mylar Film. Also anyone know how many weeks DPs are in flower I am hoping to be done before May 12th, since I am going away for a few weeks.
Appreciate the feedback.


Most strains will double in size after flip. I also count day one of flowering About 7 to 10 days after flip. You’re probably looking at 8 weeks flowering stage.

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Hi there. I think we could use more info.

How tall is the area. They say some will double in size. Some will be longer in time than others. my last was 18 weeks from seed to harvest. Welcome to your new happy place :blush:

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Looking good. Rule of thumb is your lights should be twice the height of the plant full veg + 12". This is so the lights don’t burn the tops of the colas.


Let’s say your max adjustable light height is 5’-6"

So then you would need to flip to flower when the veg gets to 2’-3"


You should actually be a little below that

You can also fo some super-cropping (pinch and bend them over) if a couple of rogue tall colas occur.

Good luck!


Here’s a reference that might help with stretch. First pic is when I flipped, second pic is 3 weeks later. Yours likely will not be done my May 12.

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@stuart601 please forget about the time schedule you have been sold. #of weeks etc… is well hidden in the plants DNA. Read my post on EHS (Early Harvest Syndrome). You’ve set yourself up for EHS anxiety with a finish date! I’d get someone you trust at the ready to help out with watering while you are gone, or install an auto watering system of some kind. Also I’d prune lower fans to increase air flow and eliminate mold. They look great! Please don’t sacrifice the future heavy buds on the alter of the end date! Hope this helps…in the long run!

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Appreciate your input.
I have about 10 inches to go to the lights, I may be able to raise the lights a inch or two. After two weeks they are 10 inches tall.

Thanks I will make sure I do not harvest too soon and will have someone do the watering.

good idea thanks, I may have to bend them, it will be tight.

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Uh…10” is too close for nearly any light. You need to start bending and tying down branches ASAP. You can use LST and pruning to give them space and keep the air flowing. Look up Low Stress Training. You can pinch slightly to get them to bend where you want. The more grow info you provide the better the help you’ll get. Good luck and keep it up.

I use a cmh 315 light, and right now it’s at around 19” above.