Week seven flower cycle in Northeast region USA


Pending snow in the forecast, so I decided to harvest the other day. Figured I would give them some last sun before I chopped them down. Not much development on the flowers since last time. Major leaf damage caused by recent cold and wet weather. The snow did indeed come today, and plants are already hanging to dry. Pretty happy with my first grow. Definitely added some excitement to my autumn.

Pics are pre-harvest:


We’re looking at potential for 5-9" snow overnight, followed by sleet, then another 1-3" of snow tomorrow. I’m not ready, not all my wood is stacked, and one pile is blocking me from mounting snow blower on tractor. Not to mention I was hoping to get some holes started for next spring. I only had one small outdoor plant this year, and didn’t get to maturity because mold was starting to set in.


Good luck with all of that snow my friend! Seems like this storm caught a lot of people by surprise. Guess you had a wet autumn too. I must say I am a bit jealous of your wood pile, even though it is blocking you in. No place to split and burn wood here in the apartment. Well, not without causing a ruckus anyway.


Nice 420 parking spot there


Heavy sativa hes right I’ve had sativa go 16 weeks flower lol. This sativa hybrid is week 9 I have a ways to go too.


You have about a 50/50 chance of male plants with regular seeds. I think it might even be higher.


Man, those plants are looking nice. What kind of lights are you using? Do you have any recommendations for a first time indoor grower light? I know there is a lot of debate about which lights to use. I am trying to understand which kind would be a good first starter light if I just want to get one good light for veg and flower. Thanks.