Week seven flower cycle in Northeast region USA

Greetings fellow growers,
I would really appreciate some input on my current situation. It is my first grow. The seeds I used were obtained from my travels in Croatia and India, so I have no idea what strains they are. Out of fourteen or so seeds that I tried to sprout, I have three survivors. I didn’t keep track of which seeds sprouted and of those which survived, so I have even less of an idea of the strains. Pics of current bud status will be below. My main concern is this: Here in southeastern PA the weather is about to turn cold–below freezing over night–and we are having a very wet fall as well. The lovely ladies are blossoming nicely, but I am afraid that they are going to be adversely affected by the coming weather. How long do you think I can hold out? Is there a way of moving them inside? On the one hand, I had been treating this as an experimental project, but now that the crop is looking so beautiful, I would hate to see it not reach its full potential. Thanks for your help!

Buddy, I’m sorry but it looks like you got a good 7 weeks left. You can try to dig up the plant around the roots, put in pots and move inside

7 weeks left?! Wow, that’s crazy. Why do you think the flower cycle is going so slowly? It has already been 7 weeks since the light change outdoors.
Well, thanks for the heads up.
As far as moving them indoors, will they continue to develop without grow lights if I can keep them in the sun in the window?

Not very well. You would need some type of strong grow lights

They look strongly sativa, which has a long flowering cycle. 7 weeks may be a little pessimistic but maybe not.

Can you buy or build a temporary greenhouse around the plants? Open and close it as needed?

If you’re wanting to preserve the genetics you could always take some cuttings. Raise then indoors under lights, reveg and set them back out in the spring.

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Thanks for the suggestions. The greenhouse is a great idea, but I’m not sure for security reasons. Trying to keep the grow on the down low, and all surrounding protective foliage from the trees is fast falling off so I don’t know how I would keep it hidden. Maybe I’ll give it a try anyway.
As for taking cuttings, is there any particular method for that? Thanks.

Colder weather can also stall out flowering. Definitely get her inside, if you can.

exciting to have some landrace genetics. keep good notes!! make clones…

I was thinking the same thing as @PhantomFarmer. if you have any seeds left, itmight be interesting to grow a male in a segregated grow room and pollinate an Indica dominant strain, see if you can get a nice hybrid that is a little more cold resistant. It’s fun to play around with cross pollination if you have the extra space necessary

crystal farm feminizing spray can be used to convert one branch of a female to produce pollen, it may be the smartest thing you ever do. having unique genetics in marijuana is the most important thing today

What? Never heard of that. Tell me more. Is this new technology? If you spray one branch, I’m guessing you can then place a secure a plastic bag over that branch so that when it produces pollen it contained within the bag?

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you got it. google search “crystal farms feminizing spray” i cant post a link because the website that sells it is a competing seed store.

You’ve used it?

not yet, but i want to get it asap. but im too deep in flower and my next grow is for the grow off in Jan

its supposed to work in a single application

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honestly a little skeptical since they website has explicitly stated no warranty or promises… still i wanna try it. if it doesnt work ill tell EVERYONE

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Just seeing this … look for info on cloning, here it elsewhere. There’s a thread here called “preferred method of cloning” or something close. It’s very simple to do

Yes, I do have seeds left. How would I go about guaranteeing a male indoors?

Thanks, I’ll check that out. Do you have a recommended intro DIY indoor setup?

For me, I just put my cuttings in peat pellets under a humidity dome, give them 18 hours of light a day and mist them twice daily. About 2 weeks and they’re ready to be potted up.

theres no way i know up to guarantee male seeds thats because you can make “female” pollen and female seeds, but you cant make male pollen and “male” seeds, not that im aware. but you can make female seeds by the thousands