Week 9! When should I harvest

Hey guys in week 9. The girls seem to be a week behind or so to each other. . Question should indeed one more time? Or start the flush.

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I’d wait at least a few more weeks before starting a flush.

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So should I feed the schedule to week 11?

Definitely looks like at least 2 more weeks of growth

The last two weeks they hit a pretty nice swell so you’ll want to make sure she has the nutrients for that. So I continue to feed until at least 70% of the pistils have darkened and receded


Thanks guy

Getting a phone scope tomorrow. Those jewelers lens suck

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Getting sledgehammer in tomorrow. For after next feed

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Yeah, lot of clear. Pretty nice being able to see them up close, huh?

Im at week 11 bow come wed. Most are cloudy. My other is all purple and ready to go. Thatll be super couch lock

I am fairly new, but one thing I have learned from the experienced crew is that autos have a mind of their own. You can’t always go by the seed distributors schedule of when they will be ready. I agree with COOPER84123, looks like a couple more weeks.