Week 9 flower trichromes - milky enough or?


Those are looking delicious :drooling_face:
Seems to me that you are almost to the finish line, but 1 more week for my taste, at least.
Maybe this chart will help you.


I’ve seen a lot of similar charts @M4ur

I appreciate your personal take on it more. Another week it will be.

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I to agree with @M4ur

B Safe

Like you saw in the chart, yours are mostly cloudy whit a few amber ones, so harvesting now will give you a product that provides you cerebral high. Leaving her a lit bit longer, you will get something more seriously.
Also maybe you can search something about harvesting in 2 steps, you can harvest a few tops in this stage and the rest when she’s finish(I do this :joy:)
If I was you, I would check her everyday to see the progress.
Don’t forget to check in different spots on the plant before cut her down.


Need to look much closer…top.middle and lowers dont ‘ripen’ uniformly either…looking very nice though…:>)

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Good to see you around bud! Been a minute :wink:

I agree with at least one more week too. Still seeing a lot of clear trichomes. Do you have a full plant pic and some individual cola photos to share? :wink::v::bear:

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I do. Not at the moment (our and about)… This is my first grow so my lighting has been less than stellar and I had some water issues in the beginning. The buds are small but look good for someone who’s only had outdoor gardening experience prior.

I’ve seen a lot of charts and photos about what they should look like. I appreciate the personal opinions more on where I’m at. Already sprouting my next grow. Thanks for all the help.