Week 9 first timer!

Week nine and I’ve realize some mistakes. My medium was not pH optimum and I’m trying to correct through water. Am I on the right track? Some buds look good.


They look just fine. Few leaves a lil rough but is to be expected. Now finish strong and she’ll reward you in kind


Looks good nice bud forming good work its always stressful for first timers you have done a great job

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Lower the light

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I’m always struggling with that. Those yellow leaves are light burnt, correct? I’m also paranoid of overwatering so I’m doing it every week to 6 days with feed every other.

I’m also on 24 on.

@HorseMarine not light burn looks like cal mag issues

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Thank you!

Nitrogen Toxicity.

Potassium or Phosphorus Deficiency (I think Phosphorus)

Autos? Photos should be 12/12 fyi, don’t want balls to grow lol

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