Week 9 and something is off

Okay, I’m on my second grow, but between work and my kids school I haven’t been able to laser in on this one like I was last summer for my first.

I’ve got:
Amnesia Haze Autoflower at week 9
Five gallon fabric pot with Ocean Forest soil
HLG 260 v2 Rspec light. On 18/6.
Have the dirty dozen but haven’t started using them yet.
Have Cal/Mag and gave a dose with the last watering of 5ml.
Haven’t measured the runoff yet.

Last grow I ended up measuring pH incorrectly (before nutes and not after) and ended up with lockout and larfy buds. Figured I’d be more conservative in my approach this time which had been working until a few spots started to appear.

See pics below. What are your thoughts? Looking a teeny bit worse this morning. More leaves showing the spots.

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Looks like she can ise a good defol on alot of them leaves. 6 weeks in is a good time to strip it down some get some airflow thru there. 21 days 42 days and 2 weeks before chop. Good luck.

Stay aggressive with the cal-mag. Give full suggested dose with every watering. The spots are magnesium deficiencies starting to show up. Always start with cal-mag by 3rd week of flower to avoid the issue in the future. Once the problem starts you won’t get caught back up and it will usually continue to worsen.

You are probably far enough into the grow to start using nutrients, especially the solubles (beastie Bloomz and Cha Ching) to increase bud size.

The boomerang, microbrew and Kangaroots are bacteria and products for feeding the soil. You should use those throughout the grow following the feeding chart. They will not overload nutrients. They also have a 2 year shelf life so you better use them up.

The Bembe should be used as well for soil and bud improvement. Very acidic so make sure you adjust pH before feeding.

If you have questions on how to use the Dirty Dozen and want some help just give me a heads up.


Preciate the feedback. Confirm… no CalMag when feeding? Water(+CalMag) / Feed / Water(+CalMag) / etc.

Always glad to get some feedback. I don’t grow frequently so staying on top of everything hasn’t been easier the second time around as I thought it might be. With the first round and the dirty dozen I fed lightly but didn’t pH correct in the correct way. While the bud smokes very nicely, I was hoping to do better this time with the nutes.

Was going to go in with effectively half doses of the recommendations for flower.

Knowing how the feeding chart works would be helpful.

When I started with Fox Farms there were no Bush Dr products, just the liquid trio in the green section of the chart, and the solubles (dry) in the purple section. I know you have a chart that you got with the Dirty Dozen but I’m taking a picture of mine for easy reference.

If you were to start with low ppm water and were to mix the products in the green section at full dose, with the products in the purple section, then the ppm of your mixture would fall in the range listed in the dark blue section of the chart. That would be with no Bush Doctor products from the orange section.

To administer the Bush Doctor products without blowing your feeding ppm out of wack, I save those for the water days. I would add cal-mag on water days only as well to keep ppm in line. Feed cal-mag at full dose on the water days, you need to get caught up.

Starting out a half dose like you are doing should avoid any major problems.

Can I include the CalMag with the nutes? Was going to feed tonight but really want to get more mag in there

This far into the grow it won’t hurt and can only help.

Schweet. Thank ya.

Okay, I know nothing good happens quickly… but here’s an updated pic of my girl. Anything else you guys are seeing? pH going in is 6.5 after correction and I’ve been dosing the dirty dozen now. Plus the CalMag at 5ml dose.

Just want to make sure that I am doing the things that will help this auto reach harvest. Concerned that if this doesn’t slow or get better, that she won’t make it.