Week 8 since flip so about 6 wks fkower

Did I defoliate to much or is this girl going good or did I strip her to much. Super glue in soil

Uploading: IMG_20221108_003413.jI. Cpg…

Also should I clean up the lower bd site on main stalk?any advice appreciate


Plant looks fine. I don’t think you need any further defol. It needs leaves to grow.
Looks like you will have good air movement throughout the plant so just let it grow now.
Contrary to some false info, leaves dont take energy, they provide energy by catching light. The food produced in the leaves in the form of sugars is moved from the leaves to other areas to provide growth.
Plant food in the root zone is only the building blocks of more complex foods produced in the leaves by photosynthesis.


Where you are at, i would not defoliate. Most people do a b4 flip defoliate and a 21 day after defoliation. There is alot of opinions on it but imo, bottom 1/3 of plant needs to be stripped. I have always harvested more with proper defoliating INDOORS. Just wasted energy its not like the sun that is not dropping ppfd from top to bottom.