Week 8 of my big girls

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They look great. The only suggestion I have is to back off the nitrogen a bit. Those waxy leaves are a symptom of too much nitrogen. It’s not bad at all right now, but could lead to problems down the road.

Awesome thank you so much man! I am a first time grower these are my first run


Oh wait that’s because I just misted them ha ha ha

This is my first grow ever how much longer on my buds you think

The standard answer around is “maybe about another 2 weeks” :laughing:

In your case though I’m assuming they just started to flip into flower? So maybe 8-10?

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Ha ha ha ha ha YOU LIE!!!

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About just flipping to flower and anither 8 to 10 weeks? Pandas never lie. Biggest thing is theyre ready when they are READY. Look at dem trichomes and stuff :wink: You’ll pull your plants when YOU have the desired effects


I think my girls still need another good 4 to 6 weeks themselves lol


Oh yea, like :point_up:they said 8 to 10 weeks. They will fatten up a bunch. :blush::v:

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