Week 8 light help

Hey guys, I’m still new gardener 🪴 … I need guidance to make sure I’m straight. I’m done with taking 15 :pill: every morning. This Army Veteran is tired. So, with that said, I have a 4X4 Zeny Tent, Vivosun in-line CO2 filter, Bloomspect 2000w light, and a Taotronics warm/cool remote humidifier… I’m using Fox farms soils oceanic, fertilizer and calmag with a bottle of unsulfured molasses. :man_farmer:t5: I’m growing Gold Leaf (auto) from ilgm and Black Widow (f) also from ilgm. Germ and sprouted on time like clockwork. I topped all and attempted to LST the rest. I have a Scrog net too waiting to install. My question is I have the light on VEG mode and they are both in their 8 week.
Or do I switch them both on VEG + BLOOM mode??? I need help. Don’t want to loose my medicine

The autos will flip when they want to regardless of lighting cycle but your photo plants need 12/12 to flip and flower…veg/bloom switch gives you the blue/white, red being the flower…jus my thoughts but i would flip cycle to 12/12 and run em all together!!!

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Typically any lights with a veg and bloom switch tend to be so weak with only 1 on that you need both on all the way through also bring that light down to about 18 inches (maybe do it in 2 steps so you don’t stress them) that’s a lot of room for that 1 light


Agree that you should just use the light with both switches on all the time.

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Run all switches. Just adjust the light height. Use fans as well. This Disabled Army Veteran still takes over 30 pills and 3 inhalers daily. It used to be over 60 pills a day.

Want a body high look into G13 Labs Peach Puree CBD. :+1::+1::+1:


8 weeks on those autos and not flowering yet? Maybe it’s the pics but I’m not seeing any flowers


I bought the same lamp, I’m sorry to tell you they mislead you with their advertising and product labels.

That is a 350 watt lamp with everything turned on and the LED diodes are not top of the line.

For a 4 x 4 tent, you’re running 21 watts per sq ft. The target for flowering is 40-50 watts. I know a few of the members are flowering with less successfully but their LED diodes are much more powerful than the bloom spect purple diodes.

I returned mine, and put my plants under a moderately better lamp and they took off. I ended up buying lights with the high quality diodes and it’s a night and day difference. Like the guy above indicates, your plants are pretty small and underseveloped for 8 weeks. You’re probably outside the return window, I caught mine right at the end. If you complain to Amazon about false advertising you may still be able to secure a refund.

Otherwise you should look to buy another lamp to get the wattage up, or reduce your grow space by 50%.

Sorry for the bad news, but wanted to give it to you straight.


Thanks a lot. I just got in an going in right now to make adjustments

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Thank you. I never knew. Here it is I thought I had a winner. What do you recommend

Yes. Thank you for your service too. Those were my morning pills I mentioned. Me and you are running neck n neck. And I’m still having surgeries. Hoooah. I’m about to jump in the garden and see what’s happening. I will definitely look into that “peach purée”

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I am a novice and was fighting watering and feeding until I paid attention to the 🪴. She showed early signs of watering spots and my ph was only around 6.9-7.6 and my rH was ranging between 35-85 until I got a handle on it. They shot up in the last week after I learned her schedule. I think.

A mars hydro is fine for veg but its spectrum is just to blue for flower so I recommend a rspec hlg for flower time


I am online now. Searching. I went back and fired off on Amazon. That’s definitely not enough wattage. I was looking at those and the Spider farm lights. Here is another question for ya. Do you have any coupons for those lights. They are not nice on my pockets. :moneybag:

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If you buy directly from the hlg shop the code dude will get you 10% off and the kuarez 1500 watt is almost identical to the Mars hydro 1000 but without the dimmer but far cheaper

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@Forty if you want a bit cheaper option that still produces very well…look into sonofarm lights…i have a 3x3 w 2 of em in it…

Jus a thought!!! I run another tent w 2 HLG 135 DIY kits…both grow super dense flowers!!!

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Ohhh they are pricey. But I bet they are the best. Not there just yet. But I’m coming.

You are thinking like me. Your girls are phenomenal @Northerngreenthumb Great advice.


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Holy cow :cow2: man. They are absolutely beautiful. I’m been fighting this issue all day in a light. You said you have 2 - HLG 135 lights right.

@Forty yes i have 2…