Week 8 Day 59 Sour Diesel Auto-Help Me to Harvest

What are some things I need to be aware of in the flowering stage and to do before harvest from this point forward? I plan to flush moving forward. I will also do the 48 dark. My temps run 76-82 and humidity 26% I am using a HPS 600w running dehumidifier

. LST. Never topped. FF nutes.

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Looks like your girls are in week 2 of flower. They’re looking great.

Which FF nutes are you using? Do you have their feed schedule?

2 things I see, you need to remove any fan leaves blocking any bud sites.

I also see a water drop on a leaf on the second picture down. Not saying you’re, but don’t spray the girls with water.

Am using a 600w HPS and FF nutes and amazed at the results. Am ending week 6 of flower.

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Tiger Bloom.the water is splashing from pouring. never water.Absolutely have a feeding schedule. Definitely pruning later today. Thanks for that feedback. Good luck with your grow.

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Looks good from what I see, I wish I could see more. What are the strains? And you say you are in the middle of week6? Fem or Auto?

Photos 1 White widow, 1 bubble gum, 1 AK.

You got any questions?


Looks good but yes questions. Why the net? did you ever use it? how many weeks?

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To help spread out the bud sites, even up the canopy and support the weight of the bud sites.

I added the first one at week 1 of flowering. The 2nd at week 3, at the end of the stretch.

I didn’t expect to add a 2nd one, but the buds started leaning over, I didn’t want them to break)fall over.

Interesting Ive never seen them used that way. I have the same net but I did LST with mine. ANd the only fan leaves I will get rid of are those yellowing the others are fine. I have like 2

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