Week 8 Blueberry Auto, Help with harvest timing


Hi! I am a new grower. This is only my second grow. I am kind of confused though and am hoping someone with more experience could give me a little guidance. I have two blueberry autos that I germinated from seed at the same time, but they have grown completely differently. I know this happens sometimes with one being a runt or stringy or something, but these are quite different.

As you can see, one looks much further along than the other, it also is much smaller, and a majority of the fan leaves are only 3 fingered. The smaller one also started forming trichomes much earlier, and is packed all over with trichomes, even the underside of the stems and leaves. Strangely though, the smaller one that seems further along seems like the trichomes are actually less milky the the bigger one.
The big one did undergo major stress right at the beginning of the flowering stage when the top 3 nodes broke of during, apparently not low enough, stress training. It’s trichomes seem to be mostly milky despite the plant overall looking like it still has a way to go(very green still and mostly white hairs).

My questions are twofold:
Are these trichomes clear or milky?
Why is there such a huge difference between the two plants, is there any way to tell?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Here is a little about my grow

Blueberry Auto
Week 8 of Flower
LED Lights 600W
Soil grow Fox Farm Ocean Forest
Fox Farm Liquid Nutrient Trio
3gal smart pots



The tricomes look mostly clear with a few cloudy. From the picture. For your first question. For your second question. Yes that is normal, that’s the thing with autos they move on their own time. Flower and ripen on their own time table. I had 2 white widow autos from ilgm that were raised from seed the same time and yet they finished almost 3 weeks apart


Thanks for your reply, I appreciate the input a ton. I’ve tried reading all I could, but some stuff just comes with experience I guess. Thanks for the tip about autos doing their own thing. I’ll just let the big one go for awhile longer and keep an eye on the little one.


Take more pics under white or more neutral light so we can get a better idea of where you are at
Them growing differently is typical
Just like kids pick up trates from thier parents
One may take after dad and another after mom another a lil from both


When is a good time to do that? Does it not matter since they are autos? I don’t want to stress em. Thanks!


You need to start watching them every day because they can switch from clear to milky overnight being autos and sometimes that’s just how they grow you’ll get a runt and you’ll get a beast they look great I would say in the next week one if not both could be ready but they look amazing :wink:


And when you take pictures of your tray comes do it under natural light sometimes the LEDs will make you see things that really aren’t there in your trycombs


Thanks for the advice!! I will definitely keep a closer eye on them now.

I took a few pics in natural light this morning. These are all from the same bud unfortunately, it is one of the bottom buds.

I’m thinking they still aren’t milky enough yet, but confirmation of my suspicions would be greatly appreciated :pray:


She is looking about ready
I still see some clear triches
What effect are you going for?
If she were mine she would get the chop in the next day or so
What do you think @Hogmaster


I need my medicine to leave me clear headed and upbeat so I can still code. Hopefully low couch lock effect


I cut my blueberry down when she was 90% cloudy and was able to function
It would get my noodle crankin and was also great for my pain


I agree. Not seeing enough amber to feel like I would rush it. Let them clears go to cloudy.


Still lots of clear, not yet @Yahyah they’re not done putting goodness into the trichomes yet.


Give it more time it will be worth it


Thank you all so much your input is so valuable to me as a new grower! TYTY!!!

On a side note, I did some more looking at trichomes, and was wondering if these are what the amber ones look like?

I found these on some leaves on the top cola of my plant.
Thanks again!!


Yes all the little Amber looking good :wink: but yes that’s what they look like :+1:t2:


Thank you!


How they doing


The first little lady came down 5 days ago, and is currently curing. She looks, tastes, and smells delicious already!

The other one has started showing amber here and there, so I’ll probably chop her in a couple days. I was curious though, she started showing some bad discoloration on her leaves. I don’t know what caused it, or if it was already there and became apparent as the leaves have gotten lighter. I have flushed her a couple times with 6.8 water over the last week, but the discoloration has gotten worse. I don’t know if these are from natural deficiencies as the plant is dying or another problem. I also don’t know if there’s something I need to do about it since I’m harvesting in a day or two.
Here’s some photos


She’s taking all the energy from the leaves and putting them into the flower It’s eating itself naturally that’s a good sign