Week 7 trichomes really coming now

sorry im gone from home till friday late, i think there is about 12 they are like 4 that racks to each section
they have nice clips that hold each layer together. i am useing it in two sep. units. you can un clip it and rotat it if you want to butyou dont need to, thats why i doing it in two sep ones so i dont have to get on knees.

Ok I see how it works will start shopping for one… be safe and will talk to you when u return

this is how it looks in 2 pieces. :+1::sunglasses:. These are the jars of 1/2 the buds and 4 shopping bags that are cureing. Still got one full plant and 2 that are about half done trimming. Those are big pickle jars btw lol

tlkbear, Can you send me the link to where you got throughs drying baskets
Ok. So I’m on i-40 heading So. Now where do I exit?..lol

B Safe

Yes send link please I’m convinced drying rack for sure found an 8 tier on ebay for bout 30.00 but didn’t separate just hang whole thing from top of tent


That is the one I got, but I got from hydro shop. He had the 2 ft and 3 ft he did not like the 3 ft, recommended the two ft. Mine was 37.00. I just need to get some paper to line the bottom shelf to catch the shake that falls thru.