Week 7 trichomes really coming now

Last feeding 09/25 brought them in for there light period chk with loupe what an increase in development


Dam Ice your plants look absolutely awesome, great. Ya the more percentage of Amber the better your high is going to be.

I went an extra 3 weeks and it played off big time. Hopefully you won have to go that way

B Safe

WOW that’s looking good. That what growing inside does for you. Your have so much more trichomes on it. I think I should have waited a bit longer the trichomes about 1/4 milky. It’s got a lot strong head high but I was tired of couch lock lol

They started out slow but after lasting feeding I chked with loupe and saw major increase…this my first full indoor grow under led…reading now on how to perfect harvest and curing any advice was thinking of buying drying rack not sure if I will have enough room for hanging any advice

I’ll keep u posted and u can let know when time is right

You got it Ice…hey mine came out kick ass…lol


Will ? I will be harvesting my 4 plants at the same time and thinking I won’t have the room to hang them all together what’s your take using a drying rack/basket and cutting the buds off the stem for drying process

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Ice, I have read about that but haven’t tried it. But from what I read ya just as good if not better. But keeping them in the dark is still the key. And humidity low.


Might order one thinking hanging in tent they might be touching each other and causing them not to dry evenly

I have this one. I like it because the shelves come unhooked. GRO1 2-Ft Plant Crop Harvest Drying Fabric Tiered Dry Rack Nets (Clips)
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So when drying did u remove buds from stems and dry them in the rack

I haven’t done it but I saw an article of this guy doing it that way and it seemed to work out great from what of saw and read.

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Hey Ice, I’m trying both ways,I will let you know how it’s working,. I’m happy so far. Only thing that I don’t like is if they dry to much you get some shake falling off. Just put paper under it to catch it.

Good call tlkbear, I forgot to tell him that. Thank You

B Safe

Thks after reading reviews lot of people mention that and did just that on the bottom tray to catch it all thks guy’s

Please let me know still got couple of weeks to go

Well Ice, either way you will be ready.

Will it

Hey Ice, what I’m doing now is the stuff I’m use for RSO to hopefully regenerate my Liver. They think am getting Cirrhosis of the liver, where not sure how I’m getting it never drank a lot. But any ways the buds for that we did not trim real tight on the buds, the other smokable buds we trimmed them really good are drying very nice, so I’m very happy with it. Not sure how much we will get from the 4 plants will give me the pound I need for oil. Plus some to “give away” and more than we could smoke in a year. Lol. I can also see some brownies too.
Ps were only 1/2 way done and the racks are all full, some of the lower buds still have white hairs…

Thks for follow up…so sorry hear bout your diagnosis you have my blessing how many tiers does your rack have and do you have to rotate the bottom racks from tops i possible can you send me a pic…again wishing you well