Week 7-Have I killed my Auto's?

Blueberry and Northern Lights Auto, ILGM
-Week 7
-Method: Soil BioAll/BioFlower
-Vessels: Fabric pots
-PH always between 5.9-6.5
-Method used to measure PH : Apera Instruments Value Series
-Indoor Mars 4X4 tent
-HLG R-Spec 600 watt
-Current Light Schedule: 18/6
-Temp averages 69-78
-Humidity averaging low 50s
-Ventilation system Cloudline T6
-Central Air on 24/7

My plants were doing extremely well until a few days ago when I decided to add 1ml Calmag and 1ml General Hydroponics FloraNova Bloom 4-8-7. Why when they were looking so happy I did that I will never know. Overnight the leaves started turning yellow from the bottom of the plant rising up slowly. I flushed them 2 days ago in a panic and of course have not watered since since they are damp. So, anything I can do? Thank you.

In the flower stage, lower leaves turn yellow naturally as the plant actually consumes itself

Now that having been said, I’m not suggesting that you absolutely don’t have an issue
There are many more experienced growers here who can advise you if there’s a deficiency or something, but yellowing leaves at this stage is normal so just clip those lower leaves that are yellowing off as they are not beneficial to the plant any more.

I’m not a pro at all, only finished my first successful harvest.

The flush may have also stressed the plant out even more. I’m not familiar with those nutes and stuff. I use FFHF and FF Trio, although I do supplement about a half teaspoon per gallon Calmag myself.

Hopefully someone else can chime in. Might need to defol those lower deadites