Week 7 Flowering -Check in

This is my first grow. In 7th week of flowering. Any additional advice for this stage? Im using a 2-8-4 liquid fertilizer ever 7 days, water every 3 days. Pruned back larger fan leaves. These are auto so still on an 18-6 light schedule.

Curious if Im fertilizing correctly at this stage and if there is anything else I can do to boost yield?


Looking good growmie. Answer as many of these as you can to help us help you.

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I’ve have 2 different strains of auto. 2 are AK47 and the other Blue Dream. Soil is Coco Coir with worm castings. I’m using 5 gallon smart pots. Not sure of PH. I’m using Tiger Bloom 2-8-4 only during flowering stage. Used Fox Farm Grow Big 6-4-4 during vegetative stage. Indoor tent with VS2000 Full Spectrum LED light (18-6). I’ve reduce humidity to 45-48% from 70% vegetative stage. Daylight temp 76-78; Dark 68. Yes on Co2

Correction my pots are 10 gallon

Gotcha. Theres folks on here that use autopots… @Graysin i know your ph in coco need to be around 5.8. Checking your runoff and ph are detrimental when growing in coco. There is a set of good meters on amazon for about 30 or 40 bucks. Those numbers are very important. Somebody else will chime in shortly. As far as CO2 goes, its useless unless youre cranking your lights to over 1200 ppfd…


Do you mean 7 weeks from breaking ground, or 7 weeks flowering?

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7 into 8th week since breaking ground

My only caveat to that is we’re dealing with coco + worm castings. That’s like hybrid soil in a lot of ways. Drainage of coco but the nutrients from castings.

Plants look okay. I’d be curious to know about pH and PPMs in/out. Something looks like it could go wrong but isn’t (yet, if ever).


I have no clue when it comes to coco. Ive read about it but have no hands on experience with it. Same with autopots.

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Welcome to the community Growmie, I would say their more like 3 weeks in flower. What medium are you using? Are you using a PH and TDS pen for mixing nutrients and testing run off :love_you_gesture:

Just saw you’re using coco, this needs to remain damp and would recommend not adding worm castings. The FF trio should be used the entire grow, the Grow big will supply the needed nitrogen, and TB supplying the PK. Run off numbers would help and I would be feeding daily at 900-1000 PPms at a PH of 5.8-6.0 :love_you_gesture: