Week 7 Autoflower

I’m a first time poster but have been reading the forums for the past few months. I have had 3 auto flowers going as my first grow for the past 7 weeks and everything has been smooth until the girls woke up this morning(night). I noticed a deficiency on only one of the girls leaves and was wondering what everyone thought it was? Thanks in advance for any help!


Not a 100% sure, have you checked for insects? look under the leaves with a jeweler’s loupe.

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welcomee to the Community … can you please post a picture of the whole plant it might help people identify if its something to worry about or to dismiss …
Someone will chime in


Thanks for the replies. Here’s a full plant picture.

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Good Morning and welcome to the neighborhood!! :blush: if you don’t have any insects it may be a calcium or magnesium issue. You might want to prevent your bottom leaves from touching the soil as that’s not good. Happy Growing :blush::v:


I haven’t picked up any magnification tools yet but it has been on my list as I get closer to end of flower. I plan to pick up a loupe today so I can have a better look regarding insects and I’ll post back here with what I find.Thanks for the replies and welcomes!

So an update I picked up a loupe and can’t see any bugs on anything. In case I missed anything somehow I also picked up captain jacks dead bug and gave them a spray.


So there one was leaf directly touching the ground so I went ahead and cut it off. I suppose you may have suggested to just tie it up but I figured with just one I’d just snip her. Thanks for the suggestion.


Welcome to the community!


One of my friends also thought it was a cal mag issue, I’m going to do a mini flush with some 6.5ph water and see if that gives a kick. This is natures living soil mixed per super soil instructions for anyone interested.