Week 6 sour hulk flowering. She finally got her smell

Hey guys. Week 6 of flowering for my sour hulk plant and for a while now I’ve been worried because she has had little to no smell whatsoever. I experienced vast nutrient burn due to not properly following the FF feeding schedule and since then I have only been feeding her once a week with regular watering in between that. I would say I have about 2 more weeks or so left of flowering before harvest. Should I stop using nutrients now all together? Also do all white hairs have to be gone before harvest? Thanks!


Looks like you have some time to go, get a jeweler’s loop or some kind of magnification greater then 60 and watch the trichomes on the buds not the sugar leaves. There are many charts for ripeness on the web.


Looks to me like you might have 3-5 weeks to go, of course just my guess looking at the many white pistils


Like @skipper1 said look at trichomes (the little mushroom shaped crystal like structures). Yes pistils (white hairs) should change color to orange but you cant base it on the pistils alone. Theyre just kind of a reminder that its time to check the trichomes. There are a lot of ppl who misunderstand this rule of thumb


Thank you I appreciate it. The leaves at the moment seem to be hiding the bud that’s underneath so I think I need to wait for a little bit for the buds to thicken and it’ll make it easier to tell.

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