Week 6 of flowering - Deficiency?


White Widow & Dark Angel
Soil in pots
PH of runoff: 5.5-6
Organic Nutrients: Bio Thrive Bloom 2-4-4 & calmag
2x4x5 grow room
Light system: 400W Hilux MH
Temps; Day 25c / Night 16c
Humidity; Day 35 / Night 60
Ventilation system; Yes
Co2; No

First time indoor grower. Would greatly appreciate some help. I am into week 6 of flowering my WW and the buds are looking amazing and growing each day. But out of no where I am seeing some of the upper leaves changing. Please see pictures attached. Should I worry or just continue what I’m doing? I have a Dark Angel in the same room and it is showing the same systoms. I understand the average flowering time for ww is 8 weeks, so could this just be normal leaf dieoff?

If your wondering why they look so funny, I used these plants to create clones then flowered the mothers. I also used them to practice with topping and training. Looking forward to my next indoor grow! :slight_smile:

White widow

Dark Angel

Thanks in advance for the help!


It is perfectly normal for the leaves to yellow and die off as you get closer to harvest. The plant is starting to feed off itself and that’s a good thing.


Your ph is too low. Try watering with ph 6.5 water to runoff and test your ph and ppms. Low ppm and they are hungry. Your experiencing nute lock out and will get all kinds of deficiencies.

It also looks like u have closer to 3-4 weeks left. Not 2 :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Good luck. If u need more help feel free to tag me


Great! Thanks. I will take your advice and up the ph. @Justgrowin


They look good to me
I agree with @raustin just the plant finishing her life cycle




I disagree on the whole plant eating itself. You can have a healthy green plant all the way up to harvest and be completely fine. It looks like you have PH lockout. Get your ph up to 6.5-6.8.


My leaves all stay green but I grow organically in supersoil but I see alot of plants here yellow like that
I just thought it was from flushing the soil causing the plant to get energy from the plant itself


If you dont overfeed, there is no need to fade the plant out.


Thanks for the info @Aolelon
Always learnin


To be honest, fading a plant or not before harvest, from what I’ve read is probably the most controversial topic that I’ve found with growing. And there are plenty of people that do it both ways, so it’s really just preference. But it doesnt need to be done, as long as you slow dry your buds properly and cure them. One of the toxicity symptoms of phosphorous is dry buds having a chemicle taste, so if you avoid overfeeding, you can keep a healthy plant up until harvest. But like I said it’s just preference



I adjusted the ph as suggested but the problem hasn’t gotten better. I’m worried the discoloration is going to reach the buds. The white widow seems more far along into the flowering process then the dark angel, but both are at day 44. Here are some pics.


@Justgrowin @Growit @Aolelon @raustin


You look to be having what I had going on, how much are you feeding? I fixed mine by upping my feeding from once a week to twice a week.



On the bottles of nutrients they have a light feeding measurment, as well as a heavy feeding. I have been using the heavy feeding. I feed twice a week. My next grow I’ll pay more attention to my ppms…


Hmm well if you’re already feeding heavy maybe you’re overfeeding.


Excess phosphorous and potassium can lockout other nutrients as well


I would definitely check your runoff PPMs and see what they are. I would flush my medium next watering with a bunch of water. Use 1/4 dose nutrient solution ph 6.5 and flush around 2x -3x the pot volume through


Gotcha. That may be it. I have a 40x jewlers loup, and I’m starting to notice the odd amber trichome. I think I may start to water with no nutrients, and prepare for harvest sometimes in the next week to week and a half.


I agree if that’s the case, I am about to harvest as well


Good luck with your harvest, and thanks for the help.