Week 6 flowering?

So I figured I post a picture to an update y’all on the plants that I’m growing. I want to tell you thank you guys for all the help you gave me in the beginning because I don’t think I would’ve gotten nearly as a result of getting if it hadn’t been for yawls help. This is a Mango Crack strain that I put in the ground on December 16. I have a question about the drying process. I have a big box fan in my tent right now and I have a small oscillating desk fan on standby I know I can hang my plants after I cut them in my tent should I use the smaller desk fan and put it on the bottom of the tent instead of using a big box fan up top and blowing across my buds?


Dont have fan blowing directly on the buds. Point fan to move air around the tent in general.


Copy that. The little desk fan I have should work ok right?

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You just need a good exhust fan to pull heat and stale air out and small fans to move air around. And a fresh air intake.

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:white_check_mark::white_check_mark::white_check_mark:. Thanks man.

I’d use the little fan like you said, and you still have several weeks before those are done.