Week 6 flower ...leaf pistil issues

Monday starts week 6 and the tops of pistils and leaves are discolored. Im not sure if its nutes, normal or lights too close

Using florabloom 12-1300 ppm
Chm 315 w lamps 3kr bulb
I know the lower leaf discoloring is normal, but if someone could advise…id appreciate it very much
Pics taken at begin of week 5.

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I think your lights are a little too close.

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So you don’t think its nute related? I am holding off on flushing until week 6 starts monday and slowly wean off.
Do you think there ready? Im just not seeing the trichomes i usually see.

You don’t have to slowly wean off of nutes, just stop them and water instead, especially if you’re worried about nute burn. It’s hard to tell from the pics if it’s ready. How do the trichs look?

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Yeah, those look scorched. @raustin will get you squared away.

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There still clear…im just used to seeing them all over leaves…hope the didnt scorch them too. Week 6 starts Monday, i just need to watch daily. I am gun shy, as a had several jack herer over ripe on me

She’s very close. Can you post pics of the trichs? If like you say, she’s all clear then you’ve got weeks left.

I will later tonight…

Sorry, i keep trying to send pics but email keep returning as undeliverable…im trying this way.

What do you think

Uploading… Uploading… Uploading… Uploading… Uploading… Uploading… Uploading…

You don’t have a magnifying scope to take pictures with?

I know, do you recommend one?

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This is the scope I use, it works great and it costs less than $7.


Can you tell anything about trichs from pics?

The pics of the leaves are the clearest, and I would say they look cloudy, but you really want to look at the trichs on the buds, not the leaves. You’re definitely very close, I just can’t tell you how close.

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I just ordered this scope, there’s just thousands of them to choose from and just couldn’t figure out which one was best

This one will work perfectly.