Week 6 - first timer

My WW autos have really exploded the last couple weeks. I have a 600 w led with bloom setting on them 18/6. The one on the right is doing a little better but they both look pretty healthy. I’ve been giving them ff nuts every other watering (1/3rd of recommended dose up from 1/4th). My questions…is what I’m seeing in the last photo the start of flowering? I’ve been anxiously awaiting them to flower and I’m not sure if I should be doing anything different. Should I wait til they flower to give them bloom nuts? Also, should I be pruning them at all? I opted not to top them since this is my first grow.



Being autos I wouldn’t advise pruning however it does look like your right at the start of developing flowers


@Badj I agree 100% you’re at the point to where they’re going to start exploding doing a great job keep it up look very nice and healthy