Week 6 extreme gsc

Im in week 6 of flower leaves are turning yellow and im not sure if im on the right track everything looks fine maybe early?

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Can you get some pictures a little closer to plants so u can see little more definition?


What medium are u in with what nuyes and how often are u feeing these babies???

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Welcome to the community ! If not already check run off ppm an pH make adjustments accordingly. You still have a few weeks to go.

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Just using cal mag and ro water im using happy frog soil. Have a lot of other plants seem to be fine other than the gsc. I will be sure to check run off later on thanks.


Hey there. My first grow with White Widow, indoors, 8th week starting today. I started with just one plant to make the learning curve easier. I used a different super soil but the end result for me is regardless what is stated, the soil alone will not carry you through the full grow cycle. About a week before the flowering started I notice the leaves getting pale with a faint yellowing. I am using distilled water and had just begun adding Cal-Mag. I knew the Cal-Mag was the right thing to do at this point from all the reading I have done but the plants color was still fading. So I did a soiul test and found I had low nitrogen, low phosphorus and an abundance of potassium. So…I gave it Miracle Grow Plant food (12-4-8, 1/2 tsp p/gal) 'cause it’s what I had around the house. The yellowing stopped and two days later the green started to return but still pale. By this time the buds were starting to form. I switched to Miracle Grow Quick Start (4-12-4, 1/2 tsp p/gal) and gave it another dose. I have the option to put my plant outdoors. If I get it too wet and day in the sun dries it out pretty fast. Any way, this worked for me. Next time I am going to test my super soil well in advance, say 2 weeks and amend the soil before I start. I will use organic fertilizers when I do, I only used the bottled stuff because the plants need help right away and the organics take too long to break down and become available. My guess is a week at the least. I couldn’t wait that long.

Good Luck!

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She looks very hungry. What’s the ph of the soil, or run off? I still use nitrogen in flower just not as much.

Hey DPhantom,
6-ish in soil. I’m limited in space so the container is just 3 gal. It’s mostly roots now and too late to transplant. My concern is I don’t want to overfeed. I am watching the leaf color daily. Just after a feeding I get a darker leaf color. Not sure if I should go with a higher N-P or feed more frequently. Basically 2 weeks from harvest and I’m trigger shy. I don’t want to over-react. I have Cal-Mag also. If I alternate every other day with each that would up the nitrogen. Bud structure is good. Trichomes even on the lower little buds. Overall not bad results for a first shot but I’d like to give it a push heading into the final stretch, Your thoughts?

She is definitely hungry are you feeding any nutes at all the nutes in the soul only last 3 to 4 weeks and some girls just want crave more some times

Look at the fan leaves if she’s a light green means she could use some N. Of course not a lot during flower. If you’re scared to burn her stop using liquid nutes especially if you’re new salt based nutes cause burns if you’re not sure. My solution dry amendments that release slowly something with a higher pk now that you’re flowering. Also do you have circulation going on her? Don’t be afraid to feed her Cannabis plants are hungry plants.

Air circulation, yes. I’ll go with the dry. Thanks for the input.