Week 5 - Where do I go from here?

This is end of Week 5.
I had to move her outside because the damn cat was eating her leaves.
Then, I had to go out of town and temps hit 100°F.
I was very relieved to see she was doing fine.
I added some more soil to the pot yesterday.
It’s getting about time to water…. My question is, should I add Calmag or is this plant looking good enough? This is my first grow and any advice is welcome.

Calmag never hurts


Outside your on your own , Bud

I’ve been growing for right at 30 years now. Usually start indoors,then move outside. I always use pots.Different conditions require different locations. For heat, try a spot that isn’t in full sun during the hottest part of the day. For best light, face the plant to the south. Although, trees and shade can be helpful for too much heat. As well as hardening off. It will pay to notice where the sun crosses the sky, in early spring and mid summer. In fall, when it flowers, the sun is going to be about where it was during spring. You want the best lighting possible for flowering. You may want to get some lime,as well. Calcitic lime or dolomitic lime. Calcitic contains calcium, while dolomitic contains calcium and magnesium. Lime acts as a soil neutralizer and corrects pH level in soil. Lawn care companies use it for that very reason. So,it probably be a good idea for your yard too. Stay away from time release fertilizers. N-P-K… the 3 number ratio on fertilizer, basically stands for up-out-down. First number needs to be higher during veg, then lower during flowering. Second number needs to be higher during flowering. Third number can remain consistent throughout. Always flush plant with water for two weeks before harvest. This removes deposits leftover from fertilizer. Your plant looks great,by the way! I will admit that I tried a few autos last year and they failed miserably. So you may want to stick with photoperiod seeds for outdoor. As that was my first time trying autos. Not blaming anyone though. I had to learn from mistakes, so it was still a learning experience. Best advice I ever heard,was to expect mistakes. Because no one is perfect and even experts make still make them. Good luck!

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