Week 5 veg, not sure what to do

So I’m at week 5 veg, I’ve had the main stem bent down since week 3 veg. The plant was still growing the most on top so I decided to top the main cola and keep the main stem tied down. Plant has since bounce back and started getting very bush on top again (shading potential under colas).

At this point I’m not sure if I should release the main stem or keep it like this and just give it a little prune to get more light to the lower branches?

Any help much appreciated

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I would repot to a bigger pot and center it. Keep it bent and train my friend


Agreed that girl is going to get to big for that pot

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Ok well I’ll stop feeding her and let her dry out a bit and I’ll xfer into a big fabric pot !

Had a look at the peg I pinned it down with and the main stem is actually getting to big it’s cutting itself on the metal :triumph::triumph:

Just got rid of the metal peg and instead tied it with a tie.

Should I tape this up or just leave it ?!?


I hear honey is good to treat stem wounds

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She’ll be fine no need for honey or splints yet… next time use pipe cleaners or insulated solid wire with a spacious loop.

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For sure brother. Just binned all metal clips haha. Yep I held off on the honey as I can see it brining ants to my pot, is why I also haven’t used molases.

Cheers for the repsonse