Week 5 Starting nutes FFOF need advice

First grow, week 5 of 3 amnesia auto and 3 dreamberry auto. I stole the kind soil technique but did it with FFOF on bottom half of pot and FFHF on top half. I understand that with kind soil theory is never needing to use nutes. I know that won’t apply with me as I’ve read and been told that the FFOF will not provide enough nutes thru harvest and I will need to add at some point. My question is…when is that point.? I usually only water to very little runoff, as I don’t want to wash away all the nutes. Usually just enough runoff to check ph and ppm. I was going to get the FF dirty dozen pack when I needed to start and use their weekly recommendations. But I don’t want to start too early or too late. Watered last night and my runoff was 1440ppm. Is it ok to start nutes? If or when…do I just start feeding according to their chart in accordance to what week I’m in. Say I start next week in week 6. Do I just take the measurements from chart for week six and continue from there?. Thanks!! Appreciate all feedback guys…and gals😁.

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i am not sure what comes with ff dirty dozen but you shouldn’t need any veggie nutes just bloom

Correct. You can go another week before nutes are needed. I’ll start once my ppms are below 1000. Then start at 1/4 strength at the week you’re in.

Once you begin nutes, stick to the 4 week flush interval.

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@Deal. The dirty dozen is all the nutes used in the fox farm feeding schedule.

It’s different nutes for different weeks. So if I start in say week 6, then I’d just start at week six,(I’m guessing) and by that point I assume there’s not many veg nutes left as you would be slowly changing over to more flowering schedule. Hope that makes Sence. But I’m hoping for some guidance and reassurance. Do I use full strength when I start…or maybe go half for first few weeks? Any thoughts anyone? Thanks

Thanks @Bobbydigital. Appreciate the advice. Do I keep doing just 1/4 strength? Or just for first week? Do I go to full strength on my second week feeding?

Depends on your ppm. Once you feed 1/4 strength, you’ll then water when it dries and compare your runoff to your last runoff. This will give you an idea how much a plant is consuming. Example: you feed 1/4 strength and runoff is 1400ppm. When it dries, you plain water and runoff is 800. You can see she ate 600 ppm. Feed again but this time with 600 ppm (should be almost 1/2 suggested amount). After next water only, compare the results. I just keep giving them what they’re eating.

As she gets older she should take up more but each plant is different. I had one plant go through 2100ppm between watering and had another only go through 400ppm between watering.

If your ppm is rising between feed and water, your salts are building up and that’s why it’s important to follow the flushes on their schedule. This is a chart I adjusted for 500 scale meters. The original is for 700 scale meters. Let me know if you need to figure out what scale your ppm meter reads and we can sort that out.


Wow thanks @Bobbydigital. Great info. And nice catch…I didn’t even see the chart I posted was for 700 scale. But I do know my ppm meter is on the 500 scale. I took a snapshot of the chart you posted. That does make sence tho…I thought the ppms listed in the chart I posted did seem high to me. But looking at your chart…those ppms make more sence. That’s why I thought I might need to start adding nutes. Cuz I was at 1440, and the chart I was reading was saying ppms a lot higher for week 6.


I got one more question for ya @Bobbydigital in my set up…I have all 6 plants runoff into one tray that drains into one catch can. So when I check ppm and ph for my runoff it’s a reading of all 6 plants together. If I’m understanding you correctly…it seems as if you do each plant separate. Cuz you said one plant ate 2100 ppm and another was only 400. So does that mean I should change my set up where I can check the runoff from each individual plant? And how does that work when it comes to feeding? Does that mean at my next feeding I would have to feed each individual plant only what they ate from last feeding. So I would I have to mix up 6 separate feeding solutions? Making each one the correct ppm according to what they ate? That would seem like a lot of small,precise measuring to only make up enough nutes for one single plant. But if thats what it takes…then I’m up to the challenge. Thanks again for your time. Much appreciated :+1:

That’s what I do. Each plant has their own jug. That doesn’t mean you need to. You can just follow the schedule and then if you run into an issue you can adjust from there.

Yes, if you want accurate data you’ll need separate runoff basins or just do one plant at a time and test it’s runoff and move on to the next. No reason to test runoff from multiple plants at a time as it’s not going to tell you anything but the average of all the plants.

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Awesome @Bobbydigital. Thanks for reassuring me. As I said this is my first grow in 20 years and back then I used hydro. So I’m new at the soil. And boy have things changed in the growing industry on the last 20 years. So I’m kind of learning as I go…learning a lot. When I built my set up I didn’t realize I’d be need to check runoff and all that. I just built something for my plants to drain away so they didn’t sit in water or make a mess in my room. So i just had them all drain together. Guess I’ll need to make some adjustments for my next grow. But that’s what it’s all about…learning and adapting. I purchased the dirty dozen pack today, should be arriving by Wednesday. Wish me luck… lol. Thanks again for all your guidance.